Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on a Couples Life

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How many times have you felt embarrassed or ashamed in front of your partner, when you had to refuse her need to get sexually intimate? Your partner may not realize what you might be going through and can confuse your disinterest with your lack of interest in her or even suspect you of having an affair. This is a major consequence of a man’s inability to get or sustain an erection, also called erectile dysfunction. This male health issue is more common than you might imagine and can wreak havoc on your psyche and your relationships.

The problem arises only when after the withdrawal of the man from the sexual act, the woman too withdraws, without communicating her feelings. This lack of communication is not restricted to the bedroom alone, but can spread to other aspects of the relationship, where the partners avoid even looking at each other, stop talking and even start avoiding touching each other. However, there is good news for men suffering from ED. According to trusted review site, Leading Male Enhancement, the use of natural enhancement pills can not only lead to permanent male enhancement but also work as a cure for ED. This is because these pills work to relax the blood vessels and muscles, allowing greater blood flow into the penile chamber, a prerequisite for erection.


Effect of ED on the Man


According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education, age is a strong variable in increasing the chances of a man suffering from ED, where 40% of the individuals affected by ED tend to be 40 years of age or older, while this rate increases to 70% by the time men cross the age of 70.

The immediate impact on the man is that with the loss of the ability to hold an erection, he begins to feel less like a man or feels that he has lost his manhood, which is severe pressure they put themselves under. This feeling also affects their thinking in other aspects of life, causing them to feel inadequate in various roles.

The man could start escaping various life and social events, especially when they need to get intimate with their partner or approach someone for the first time. A sense of insecurity takes over and they begin to experience low self-esteem, feeling ashamed of themselves for not being able to satisfy the sexual needs of their partner. What is important to know is that male enhancement supplements are effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, if consumed as recommended.

Effect on the Woman


Things get worse when the man starts blaming his female partner for not being able to have an erection. Even if he doesn’t, his lack of erection could make the woman believe that they are to blame. They feel that they might have done something wrong or are failing to do something that could have helped stimulate their partner. Women could also start believing that their partner no longer finds them attractive, which is why they are not stimulated enough to achieve an erection. As a result, she could also end up with increasing levels of stress and depression that then severely affects her overall health and her relationships. In worst case, the woman could start suspecting her partner of having an affair.

Couples need to act quickly if the male partner has been experiencing ED, checking for natural cures, one of which could be men’s male enhancement pills. In fact, the effectiveness of these natural male enhancement supplements are not limited to ED, but they also aim to enhance sexual performance, stamina, libido and penis size in men, while also benefiting overall health.

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