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The Fitbuzz tees and tanks… That’s what the headline above is all about. > This design to be specific.
But there’s something in there for everyone.

I mean… The age range for everyone here does span between 18-55. Soooo…


We’re going to do a detailed version of yesterday’s newsletter.

Just remember… That these are protocol S-curve rules. And… That it starts this way. It won’t continue this

way over the long term.

So… When you become S-curvish and a friend asks you what on earth you’ve been doing. Just show them

the following. Which is of course, what they’ll experience on the > 21 day trial. Just a tailored version of it.


+ Weight training workouts only

> 45 minutes max.
> 3 x a week.
> Max 6 (compound) exercises… 2 for upper body, 2 for lower body and 2 for abs (Can be isolation).
> Take long breaks between sets at around 3 minutes.
> Always do a bodyweight warm up set of each exercise before going ahead with the big lifts.
> Alternate between Mon/Weds/Fri and Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks.

+ Isolation exercises that hit your lats, shoulders, abs and upper butt

> This becomes even more effective the more fat you lose.

+ A focus on hip extension exercises

> Because these are the exercises that make your butt ‘pop’.

– Zero slow-go cardio

> Because this will shrink your butt.

– Less heavy squatting (Gives you a bulky waist… You want to opposite @ teeny tiny waist)

> And deadlifts too. Because you will get injured at some point if you do a lot of reps/sets with these

exercises. The magic actually exists in the other variations of these exercises.


+ This S-curve meal structure (To begin with… It’ll change over time)

> This works in sync with the workouts. Which it’s why it’s important to do everything ‘exact’ in your first


+ A focus on A-C rated foods for all of your meals

> The more nutrient dense the foods… The better the results. But we need to go A-C, because A-rated

‘only’ will bore you @ tasteless. And then you’ll binge cheat, fail… And say ‘yuck fou’ to becoming S-curvish.

+ The workouts WILL make you hungry. Embrace the increased munchies once it happens.

> This is a big mindset switch that newbies have a hard time grasping. But you need to eat up, regardless

of your goal @ becoming S-curvish or shredding to smexy.

The reason why you look like s***, is because your body isn’t getting the right nutrients or amounts of…

– No D-F rated foods in your main meals. Only as cheat snacks.

> It’s a habit building tactic that you’ll have fun getting used to…


There you go… More detailed. Share that with your friends, family and associates.

But… That is still only the base level info. There’s a lot more to ‘succeed’ through over the 18 month period

on the journey to becoming 90-100% S-curvish.

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