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Well… You have. But…

Buzzers… Tuesday…

Not as long as this @ blueprint tips list (At least not recently).
I’m heading out with some new Fitbuzzers shortly, to live the ‘in the city’ S-curve experience. So whatever goes down… Will probably end up on tomorrow’s newsletter.

There’s been a lot of program discussion and ‘life’ topics in the past few days. So today… It’s all about some
S-curve blueprint tips.

The more you see them, the easier they will ‘stick’.

So let’s get into it…

#1 > This super market video…

Like I said… We don’t focus on recipes too much. Because you’ll usually eat what you want.What we do… Is focus on the meal structure and ingredients.

That way… You can easily identify the food types. Buy the right food types. And then eat them at the right times.

99% of people screw up the nutrition part of becoming S-curvish though. Especially over the long term (A now solidified process @ > stages 1-4). So expect that topic to be the bulk of the 121 coaching chats.

#2 Weight training or bodyweight movements

There are a lot of ways to do this (We have about 15 different specific official routines in place at present). And I could share example videos to show you what this looks like. But…

A) You’ve seen these videos in past newsletters. Live, educational and example workouts.

B) That’s not what will help you. Jumping on a 121 chat and learning about your life, will. As there’s a ton of info you are holding close to your heart and not revealing to any random joe. Info we must know about here.

But those are the only two areas that you’ll be concerned with @ getting physical.

#3 Use the mirror and the ‘vision’ of the people around you, to gauge your physical progress. Not the scale.

#4 Food variations are king, when it comes to nutrition shenanigans in S-curve world. And the list is endless.

Which is one reason why we created a new official foods list in 2017 (Which has started to become a ‘thing’ this year).

We also like to have fun with it. Especially towards stage 4.

Enter: Pomelo and salt as a dip. Give that a try @ breakfast + cheat snacking.

#5 There really is no need to figure anything out on here. Just ‘do’ what’s given to you. Remember what I’ve said in the past, about over complicating things? Yea… Stop doing that. Spend that time living it up @
S-curve experience.

#6 Your formula… If solid results are on the agenda…

A) Choose an individual/company who has helped a lot of people get the results you’re looking for (That you have got to know and trust).B) How to stop you from > quitting.

C) What to do over the long term.

This is a reminder tip from a previous newsletter. But do you see how the message has remained consistent…
Even up until this week!?!?
That is what the newsletter is for. And why it’s a part of the S-curve formula. And why you must keep on  reading, long after you become an official member. Regardless of what > option you choose.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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