You’ve never seen a butt like this before (Announcement)

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You know… Almost everyone who starts here. Comes into this S-curve world, from a previous sh**ty experience, at attempting to fix their body/life. And usually from previously experiencing something of ‘low quality’.

And it has to be re-said…

You can’t expect a Ferrari experience with a fiat 500.

Of course… You get a test run in S-curve world. That’s what stage 2 is.

Some people don’t bother with the rest run though. Especially if they’ve followed for years on here (The KNOW what they want). Which means they’ve seen how we’ve progressed over the years.

But the reason I’m highlighting this today. Is because, even some long term members aren’t used to being treated ‘high end’.

So sometimes, they lash out in disgust. At points where the previous ‘low end’ experience, would screw them over.

It’s kinda like, if you’re a good woman, whose been screwed over by a guy, who seemed do good at first. But ended up like every other idiot you’ve ever come across.

At which point, you’ll naturally have a chip on your shoulder. Putting up a stronger guard than ever before.

A ‘higher end’ experience will easily identify this behavior. Because it’s high end. Which means it’ll have your feelings ‘back’ (Like… I’ve got your back).

Acting out of character, in any situation, is a hissy fit. And that’s what we control.

So understand… That quitting, because of a hissy. Will not happen to you any more. That’s ‘low end experience behavior.

– Quitting for no real reason

– Then going back to start, what you should have continued in the first place

That’s usually why most who are failing, don’t succeed to anywhere near 90-100% S-curvish. Physically and mentally.

So ya… Understand you’re entering a ‘winners world’ here.

To have the ‘above’ attitude… Walking into every life situation that you face. The good and the bad!


Let’s have some #TGIF actionable blueprint tips

#1 A statement more than tip… I’ve temporary switched the T-shirt ‘stuff’ over to Cafepress. Since there’s more attention with the designs there. And because there’s more ‘inventory’ options for you.

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Do 2 sets of one effective exercise on that body part, every single day without fail for 6 weeks. ‘Selfie’ before you do it too. And again at week 6. Just reply and tell me the body part. I’ll reply back with an effective exercise.

#3 We’ve covered a lot of important topics this week. So go back and > read over them!


About that announcement

Ha… I’m teasing you. I’ll probably mention this on Monday… Since you’re probably getting ready to ease up for the weekend.

But it’s something interesting that I might try, to spice up the S-curve experience even more.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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