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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a brand new week, after a pretty eventful weekend. As I documented… Over the weekend.

We’re going to blueprint tip in just the a moment. To kick start your week ‘right’. But before we do. Let’s highlight some of the trending items within S-curve world @ present…

– > French Polynesia
– > Bluetooth speakers (Think beaches, workouts, swimming pools and various other S-curve experience shenanigans @ popular amongst many of you)
– New T-shirts… And long time faves. Like > this one
– The > camper van

> Battle ropes


Tis the S-curve experience. So expect to be surprised @ the future fun stuff that you’ll see.


#1 Shifting the fat that sits above your waist/On your sides 

It’s the most problematic area to deal with, other than your lower belly.

We have effective exercises in place to aid and speed up the shift. But the only real overall solution, is long term consistency.

Even myself… I ‘had’ that issue. And my body fat levels had always been super low.

– You can cheat snack
– Still eat whatever the fudge you want at times

Which is required if you want a ‘soft lean’ S-curve physique.

But to keep your waist tiny, with very little fat present, with a > plump butt to match. Then you’re going to have to keep working the S-curve formula for months. Even 1-2 years @ high body fat ‘Buzzers.

That’s definitely a job for stage 3.

So again… You need to eye up stage 3 for the value proposition. And not for price. Because I know this is tough to achieve, whilst living an ideal S-curve experience lifestyle, without some help.

Every one who starts ‘today’, messages first. So do that.

#2 Exercises that trigger fast noticeable results

– High tension standing lunges

– Hanging half leg raises

– Standing knee to elbows (Arms held out, as if you were doing pull ups)

– Standing hyper extended leg lifts

Remember though… It’s all about US… Finding specific things that work for YOU. That’s what will help the most. Especially over the long term.

#3 Cheat snacking favorites

Pineapple – Because it tastes good, is A-rated… And you can’t binge cheat on it, due to it’s sweetness.

Brown bread with raisins inside – It’s yummy on it’s own, is actually not a cheat snack (It’s ‘food’)… And is A-rated.

Bananas – Is A-rated (Like all fruits). But eating this will make you feel full. Which will keep hunger at bay. Which leads to less cheat binging on D-F rated foods (Chocolate, potato chips).

#4 Pushing for super fast results?

Then your Monday to Wednesday workouts will always be the most difficult, via 121 coaching + member page.To then doing easier workouts, towards the end of the week.

We’ll usually fully embrace nutrition focused weekends at this point too. That’s where we do nothing but, sleep and eat perfect-curvishly. Which is what I do every weekend without fail.

I’m currently at stage 4. Along with so many other past > stage 3 members.

That’s where’s we NEED you to be… Eventually.

And remember… Everything you do, is designed to make you feel re-energised. Because there’s no way you can have fun with the rest of the S-curve experience, if you are energy zapped.

#5 Only worry about your day 1 to day 30 selfie/belfie comparison.I already know you look in the mirror several times a day. And you may indeed see your body change within that time period. Which is normal.

But the real changes happen weeks or months at a time.

So stop stressing over the daily mirror.



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