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Buzzers… TBT…

The newsletter is going out a little earlier today. As I’ll be offline a little more, during the usual newsletter ‘sending time’ period.

So let’s waist no time (Pun intended) and get into today’s headline…

Becoming an S-curve member…

You’ll know by now. That you need to do some kind of long term plan, in order to win @ all results.

Initially… What comes to mind, is 1-2 years of monthly payments. But that’s not the reality within S-curve world. With today’s experience… It’ll be some variation of that. And you are ‘expected’ to cheat on that long term plan… With some outside activities.

That wouldn’t be the norm in a country like Japan. Where they honour there plan(s). And never quit on something that helps/serves them well.

But here in S-curve world. It’s OK to quit temporarily. It’s why we have members that have now been here for over 5 years.

That was not 5+ years of monthly payments. It was indeed on and off. And those members have done different things in-between.

But as time has gone on… They have started to do it in an S-curve formula way.

For example…

One may want to take up another sport.

But instead of doing something random. They would ensure that the activity is HIIT focused. Since a slow-go cardio focused activity would kill their S-curvish results (Like suffering from shrunk butt).

There are two scenarios that commence here…

#1 You learn by feeling the pain of making mistakes.

#2 You learn from ‘pros’. Pay a premium if you have to. And get it done.

Most members are too grown and too busy to be wasting time making mistakes. So becoming a member at some level, is the option most go for now.

So to conclude… Just remember that it’s OK and encouraged… To do things outside of your main plan.

Often times… It’s stuff that we regularly do within the S-curve experience. Like in yesterday’s trending video @ kayaking.

Trending in S-curve world today 

>These resistance bands… Because it’s the season for it. And they’re being used a lot in the S-curve workouts, by people who workout in my current ‘hub’ spot.

> This poolside workout.

> Maldives villa shenanigans.

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