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Buzzers… TBT vibe…

We’re going to go over a few recent updates, before we get into why you’re ‘too late’. So let’s get into it…

#1 We’ve switched back to Amazon for most of what you see on Morebuzz.


Because it’s all about ‘trust’. You trust buying on Amazon. That trust factor, is also the reason why everything else on More buzz, is a premium product or service @ stages 1-4 and specific supplements.

Because the quality/value is that much higher than the norm.

#2 New FitBuzzers on the scene and new S-curve members succeeding in exactly the same way as in

recent previous years.

Yup. It’s the same s*** different day for ME. But for you… As a ‘member to be’… It changes everything.

#3 > Stage 1 is becoming more popular…Which means it has become a protocol part of the process.

So even though stage 3 is where the heart of everything lives. It all starts at stage 1. This is important. Because it’s where the foundation is built. Without that foundation (Which takes 2-4 weeks to build), you can’t really win > like this.

You would usually do stage 1 and 2 within a 4 week period. After that, it’s all stage 3. Should you decide to continue on.

#4’You can optional’ (Below) is still very much here to stay. Still early days. But it should still become a protocol ‘thing’

You waited too long… Goodbye!

I’ve talked about the back story to @fitbuzz > here and > here.

And… I’ve documented everything that happened in S-curve world, outside and behind the scenes, on pages like the hall of fame.

And if you look back to 2010. You can safely say, that the fitness world has boomed. The world has boomed since then.

– I’ve seen S-curve members, become individual influencers.
– I’ve seen S-curve members, have the courage to start their own businesses, because of ME.
– I’ve seen S-curve members visions, completely change, from a local one, to a global one.

I have also watched the internet grow, from being deeply into e-commerce (Circa 2005). and everyone around me, thinking the internet was going to crash, as people were getting scammed a lot that year (People selling cars that didn’t even exist)!

This was 2005.

Look at what eBay and Paypal are now!

Basically…. What you don’t want, as a member… And as an individual… Is to take action. Start winning. And realise all the awesome things you could have been doing. If you had started earlier.

All of these scenarios… Is partly why we’ve become an S-curve experience. Because we touch on so many other topics during our 121 chats. That it’s almost impossible to not expand into other areas.

And even when we get into our first chats… A lot of the things that have caused your fitness and health to slip, aren’t related to fitness. It’s all because of ‘life’ shenanigans.

For me… It slipped… Because the Silicon Valley ‘start up’ world took over my life. So work life screwed me up. One way to balance that today. Is > TC2.0 trips.

So just like the updates to stages 1-4… Most of what you see added on here over time… Is a natural occurrence/progression.


A lot of the great memories that you’re creating every single day… Can be improved upon, via what we do here for you in S-curve world.

The world in general, moves at a much faster pace, now thay everyone has embraced the internet.

So please… No more missing out on s***!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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