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Buzzers… Sunday…
TC2.0 trips are a lot of fun. And you’ll definitely look forward to doing it again, once it’s all said and done.

But for me… And at this current time… It took me away from one of my fave past times. The TV shows.

I missed about 2 weeks of them, in the run up to this trip (And because of > this post). So this weekend…

I was playing catch up.
– Agents of shield
– And The Flash

Dead pool 2 arrives on Wednesday, in my current location. So that should be fun. Just keep an eye on

my own FB timeline this week.

That’s where you’ll find all of the fun posts anyway. Since all daily posts from all platforms end up there,

at some point in the day.




– Reminder S-curve blueprint tips.


– Becoming S-curvish is expensive? We walk through some of today’s options.


– My current TC2.0 trip kicked into gear… And I revealed what happens when I personally stumble upon

new people.


– The Pay-as-you-go S-curve member program, is the main focus right now @ the option you’d choose

when starting as a new member. So that’s been the highlight of most newsletters this week.

– TC2.0 blueprint tips.


– I’m a good man?

– TC2.0 withdrawal symptoms

– We make you strong!


– Expanding your financial portfolio? (Special cases @ S-curve members).


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