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You’ve become S-curvish on your own?

You’ve become S-curvish through us?
It doesn’t matter…
Because the now ‘S-curve platform’ is a home for you to be. If…
1. You look like this…
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @megkylie
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @megkylie
2. Want to… Or are living this lifestyle.
Because being here… Will keep you up to date, with LIVE info that we find out, from our offline shenanigans.
And more importantly… All of these areas in your life…
Will improve and get an upgrade.
– New supplements
– New S-curve Xperience items 
– New technological advancements 
– New Travel-curvish 2.0 locations
Which is important today. As almost all popular locations around the world. Have become quite ‘touristy’.
Like @azuliktulum…
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And from our own personal experiences. Like El nido, Palawan, Philippines.
It’s still a great place. But has lost its ‘magic’ a little. Due to all of the increased tourism.
And so… TC2.0 steps in. Where we reveal (to you only). Some awesome, yet less popular spots around the world.
Which are often times… Not too far from the popular spots. Although… Sometimes, out of the way to get to. Which might be why they’re less popular.
But even the ‘out of the way’ journey can be fun too.
One example. Is a place in Coron, that we stayed in…
Most people stay in the heart of the city of Coron. Which you still can and should do on some days, whilst you’re there. As being there, allows you to hit island trips, with zero stress.
But a 1-2 hour drive away. Will take you to remote, yet peaceful spots like this…
And what you’ll find. Is just a handful of people there. Who have the same idea as you.

Quality of life is our ‘thing’

I myself have strived for that. Within S-curve world.
Well… When you read this post. You’ll see that I came from the start up world. Before starting
I don’t know what the start up world is like today. But at the time. You would spend 2-4 years of your life. Creating something that may ultimately lead nowhere.
Of course… That’s something you know, going into it. And at that time. I was OK with that.
I knew the game.
But when it came to crunch time. I simply woke up one year. Realising that my quality of life had dipped.
Too far for my liking!
And from what I know about all of you. It would be too far dipped. For you too.
I know… Because many of you @ your quality of life. Isn’t dipped as far as mine went, at that time.
Yet… You’re unhappy about some part of it. Which is why you’re here.
So although you see ‘highlight reel’ examples, of what the S-curve Xperience is.
These newsletters and my FB profile. Will show you how I’m living it. Through my eyes.
A lifestyle that has indeed improved the quality of my daily life (Amongst other S-curve members/followers). For several years. Now.
Me in 2012 (Olympic games night)

Me in 2016

A prime example of why you need before and after pics.
Especially with selfies and belfies. Because your eyes can’t record the changes that you see.
At least not yet. Future tech might just change that.

An update… In regards to > this newsletter 

From 2 days ago.
The world is evolving. And we can see it happening in several industries.
But in regards to that newsletter.
One major reason why we want you to get involved with Buzzcoin, the S-curve member partner program or being promoted for free.
Is because of what we see happening, in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In short… Robots are going to replace a lot the jobs that you currently have.
Not all. But a lot will be replaced.
We want help @ putting you in a position where you’re protected from that, at some level.
And of course… To work within an entity that you enjoy. Which is all if what you see within the S-curve Xperience.
Here’s a recent tip from my own FB stories…
Yup…. All of what you apply, may take some time to flourish.
Which is a reason why you see new things being announced. Early in their life cycle, here in S-curve world.

To conclude 

All of what was said above. 
As usual… Message via the Messenger button on this page. Or leave a comment below.
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