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Buzzers… Did > Ashamed happen?

It was a similar weekend, to that of the last one, for me… @ movies, munchies and ‘work’ behind the scenes.

But today… I want to highlight an issue that that causes some Fitbuzzers to fail. And of course… An issue… That becoming an S-curve member, will fix.

First though 

> Yesterday’s newsletter was important. So give that a read.

A lot of what happens there… Leads to unnecessary hissy fits. Which brings me to today’s topic…

”I’ll start at a later date”

That’s what some FitBuzzers tend to say, right at the end of a 121 chat.

It happens less these days. As it sucks to watch other members start… And win. Whilst you’re just sitting on the sidelines for no good reason at all. So folks are more likely to just stop BS-ing and get right into it ‘today’.

Some who do say ‘I’ll start at a later date’. Do actually start at the later date that they set themselves.

But there’s a lot who don’t.

And then. They’ll return months later. And it’s clear as ever, that they were suffering from having a losers mindset.

This is when… One puts things off, until the thing you put off, never ever happens.

My advice/solution?Past members – You already know the deal. So you just get back to biz… If you’ve been away for a while.

New members – Don’t message ME first! Buy the > new Stage 1 first. And message after.

At $20.00… You have no risk. And… It’s too late to start at a later date. As you’ve already started!

You’ve already started 

This is a big, BIG break through moment, that creates a situation of ‘winning’, every single time. Even more so, when you start at the higher end on Stage 3 (Like this > Spring 2018 Results Phase).

And because you ARE in… There is no turning back. And you have no choice to get sh*t done.

Fast forward 4-6 weeks. And you wake up, almost as a completely new person.

This is a typical Results Phase scenario. And every person who has gone through it. Has succeeded. Many of whom you have seen me post, many times over!


The solution is bold. Yet super effective. I use it on myself all the time.

Buy first.. Act later FTW.

And once you are in… And, if yesterday’s newsletter relates to you. Then… We’ll be focused on creating a specific 1-3 month planned version of it… For YOU.

After conclusion

I’ve never done one of these before. But the above issue deserved no interruptions.

Why I’m doing one today?

Because I’m going to start showing you a new ‘high end’ supplement soon. One that compliments how we ‘get down’ within the S-curve experience (I did say it was coming soon).

It was brought to my attention, via the owners of the current supps that you see on More buzz.

But in the mean time. Take a > look at this.

The theme = Energy boost @ ingredients focused

– Travel-curvish
– Post workout
– Long days at work
– Nights out in the city

This is ‘part’ of the focus of the latest supp that’s being added to More buzz shortly.

The Lyteshow, on Amazon (link above), is just something super simple that you add to your plain water drinks, that you should already be drinking plenty of (If not… This will at least encourage you to drink more water).

That will prepare you for the new supp that’s coming to More buzz.

Which is something that you’ll take occasionally. And should stay in your kitchen for a while, because of that.

‘That’ newsletter… Is coming soon.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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