Your Old Butt Looks Young ‘Now’ (Pics)

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Thought of the day: Isn’t it just great that we can work together, transform you

and improve your life, regardless of where we are in the world…


Ok… So yesterday we finally got the ball rolling @ the S-curve holiday season

shenanigans <.

40% off gold $300 > now $180

30% off silver $150 > now $105

20% off bronze $100 > now $80

You can take a look at it via RECAPO on Morebuzz < (Updated) from now until

the season is over.

Or just visit the main page for all continuous bonus updates that I’ve stated are

coming… The necessary stuff that I’ve noticed that we need, from looking at the

work we’ve done together in 2015, to make for a better 2016 (Like we do year after year).

S-curve member Pamela’s buttgress


I don’t expect all of you to be as ‘go-getting’ as Pam.

Members like her are rare @ around 10%.

Most S-curve members fall into the 90% category and need…

– Extra hand holding

– Working close together via on-going 121 coaching sessions

– Stay on the fitwagon shenanigans

– Fixing emotional, mental or even spiritual issues

And that’s OK! That’s why we have things like 121 sessions, tailored daily

exercises and all of the other features and benefits you see, to ensure that you

SURPASS your expected goals! Kinda like what happened to S-curve member

Yani this year (Hall of fame).

Anyhow… This is what she’s been doing to get her results, since around July


**I posted it on the S-curve Challenge page above. Scroll to the bottom.**

She is a work in progress.

You’ll notice that she did shred to smexy. Although worth it… She did lose

a little butt volume.


It’s around months 2-4 where we will start focus on butt growth entirely.


– By sticking to super low in fat foods like jerky beef, plantain and turkey

‘breast’ (Hitting 40 grams of fat max, daily)

– By increasing your total daily intake

– By focusing on butt targeted exercises/routines

That’s a job for tailored plans for sure. It’s the only guaranteed way to reach

the goal in record time (Like for weddings, holidays).

She will get it done, because it always gets done. Proven ‘Science’ doesn’t

do guessing games @ see hall of fame.

Again…. It’s normal to sometimes shrink and then to grow again in the

following on-going months.

This is what gets done daily. So reply to talk.


Epic butt/Tiny waist 30 day trial << Holiday season promo is on…

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