Your new farts smell like roses (Don’t stop)

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Buzzers… Wednesday…


Buzzcoin – Predicting stuff year by year, has been the norm for me on here. And I’ve been right, for the past 2 years @ the actual outcome.

So right now (Unless you’re already involved), the stuff going on inside of Buzzcoin might seem confusing to you. But for sure… You’ll be more aware, 12 months from now. And whatever goes on in that space will indeed affect how we currently do things @ some aspects of the S-curve experience as a whole.

So accept the invite and get your ‘due diligence’ on. Or just message. As that’s what I always want you to do.

Besides… You get a kick start on stage 1. And for one close person to you, to get a stage 1 for free.

Today’s subject line…

The festive season is still in full effective for some people.

But for most… It’s over. And life has resumed. You’re in S-curve world. So it’s an improved life, of course.


The festive season is the perfect time to ram your guts with food variety… That you may be missing out on during busier times of the year.

So your farts probably won’t smell like roses.

But your results will get a boost for sure. As food variety is one of the key elements of taking your results to 60% S-curvish and beyond, within the S-curve formula.

Which is how last years new official foods list came about (You’ll see it on your member page as an active member… And will be updated over time). Which is one good reason for staying active as a member via stage 3/4/ > scenarios.

Drifting off topic (Back on track)

A festive season munch fest may bring on an unwanted increased level of fat on some areas of your body. But it’s the kind of fat that shifts easily, within 7-14 days.

Unlike the fat that you’ve let build up over months or years.

The S-curve formula process

I’ve said before, that it’s like a university course. Because it is.

– Exercise and strength progression (1-4 months and beyond).
– Stage 1 to 4 (3-6-12-18 months).
– The > protocol S-curve meal structure. All the way to eating S-curvishly at restaurants (lifestyle phase shenanigans… There is no ‘end’ time frame).

And today… We’re going to talk about that last one.

You’ll see 1 meal example post, everyday, on my own profile and @fitbuzz FB page…. 5 days a week.

That… Is a habit building shenanigan.

But you might have forgotten the devil in the detail aspects of eating via the protocol S-curve meal structure. So let’s explain…


It’s the only meal of the day when you eat all nutrient types in one sitting.

– Fast/Slow digesting carbs
– Fast/Slow digesting proteins
– Mono/Poly fats

It fixes your fasting period from the night before. And sets you up for the day ahead.


– Food variations
– Veggies (Fibrous carbs… Low in calories, so you can snack on fresh veggies as a cheat snack too)
– Slow digesting protein and fat

Cheat Snacks

– Fruit and nut variations

Workouts period

– Fast and slow digesting protein


– Slow digesting protein and carbs
– Veggies

Remember… This is ‘protocol’. It WILL change once we start working on your plan via your LIVE update member page + 121 chats.

– As every single person has a different set of issues.
– Change… In a response to your on-going results.
– Change… In order to advance your results via ‘food’ (Enter: The new official foods list mentioned above)


It doesn’t matter what stage you start at @ 1-4. Just don’t stop!

When you see 7-14 day results kicking in… Don’t stop!


Because results take time…. Past the noticeable results stage. Even at the most precise approach (100% results phase shenanigans).

– It’ll take 5-8 months to truly change you, if you’re very slim/high levels of fat.
– 30-90 days if you’re not an extreme case.

Then we can focus on the rest of the experience @ this…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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