Your lower back fat & muffin top (I saw that too)

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Today… A physical fix for that.

AND… it’s time to re-active your a55 after that weekend! OK! 121 coaching

members… I’ll see you on the chat apps!!!

Also… Halloween… The nutrient dense Halloween S-curve munchies are

coming this week. Be ready.

Back to the headline

Excited… Cited…. Are you excited? You should be. Because holiday season

is coming.

That means that we’ll be starting the next phase of the long term S-curve

plan(s) from now, up until summer 2016.

So right now… The Epic butt/Tiny waist trial < will stay on for a little while


More info as the days get closer.

Let’s fix you….


(There’s many ways to approach this… Depending on who you are.

But this is one temporary variation for a routine to be done 2-4 times a week).

– Rotary hold x 4 reps each side

– Woodchoppers 3 x 10 reps each side

– Hands raised push up position elbow to knee twist (10 reps each side x 3 sets)

– Hanging half leg raises (10 reps left/10 center/10 right)

– High knees ‘bleep test’ sprints until failure… Twice


If you make yourself hungry… Ya gonna get fat… On unwanted body parts.

That’s the very short explanation, since the common mindset STILL thinks you

need to starve yourself to become S-curvish.

Please… Don’t do that. You’ll screw up your long term S-curve results.

So make sure you eat a complete protein and/or mono/poly fat food at every

meal @ walnuts, eggy foods and whey.

– Eat most of your daily calories at breakfast and lunch.

– Stick to the entire ‘default’ S-curve meal structure.

– Stick to your base daily calorie intake.

Do that, and you’ll start losing your lower back fat and muffin top… 

The right way!

Happy Monday


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> S-curve Busy Butt program (*New) (If ya ‘busy’ or a curren

SC member)

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge 

(6 months on bronze/silver/gold)



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