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> This is the newsletter that explains the S-curve experience today.

But if we’re meeting for the first time. Then… You’ll most likely be an everyday kinda person (Not ‘fitness’  minded at all… Almost).

And our initial goal, on the arrival of our first meeting. Will be to turn the current YOU… Into > this and > this.
In both outfits.
And sometime after that… Our new flight on arrival… Will be to change your lifestyle. 
Some stages won’t be pretty or exciting (Like with some members now… But I’m turning up and pushing them through @ that’s the job).
But it’s always worth it. Just take a look through the hall of fame links and > S-curve member stories.

The number one thing to take away from all that. Is that what gets done, is a process. And it does take some time. And that’s what the premium experience is all about.Everyone at all levels of the process, benefits from a consistent delivery of S-curve blueprint tips. So let’s get into some…


#1 ‘Video’ (And my own Facebook profile – The link at the end of every newsletter)

Yesterday… I talked about issues related to ‘trust’.

Everything that was said there was 100%.

But the other way to trust someone more, in the digital world. Is by seeing videos from them. Many of them … Over a long period of time.

Because like I said yesterday… That’s when you’ll see their true character. Wether that be a brand or person. Which is why there was a consistent string of > videos of ME, in the earlier @fitbuzz days.

Which was a ‘free’ video approach, that is now in the hands of ladies > like these.

– The later… Is all about motivation and entertainment.

– The videos of me… Are all about education. And preparing you for the official routine videos that exist within the S-curve formula.

#2 Cheat snacks

The new official S-curve experience food lists will be up on ‘active’ member pages this week. One of the food lists, is called ‘foods that keep you feeling full’.

The most important time of the day that you’ll need that, is from breakfast until the late afternoon.

We have snacks in place on the protocol S-curve meal structure (See the top links on More buzz). Which is fruits, seeds and nuts.

And one of the best fruits to eat, is pineapple.

– The ‘sweetness’ is a little too powerful to keep you craving for it.

– And the bites that you do take, make you ‘feel’ full. Which means you can snack on it throughout the day.

And it will indeed keep hunger pains away.

– Best of all… It’s an A-rated tasty food.

So ya… It’s a pretty perfect food source to keep on your shopping list on a weekly basis.

(See… All about the ‘What to do’ with the ‘how to do’).


#3 I mentioned the following at some point last week. Or at least some variation of it.

That is…

If you start something with the intention of having it change some part of the current YOU. And… You ‘start’ to see it working for you.


I won’t get into the specifics of why this part of human behaviour happens.

But as the current person that pushes you through the S-curve formula to succeed. Just… Don’t stop. Regardless of what it is you’re putting your mind to.

– A new ‘love interest’ that is ticking all the boxes.

– A new part of your work, that you are doing better than anyone else in your company or industry.

– And of course… The S-curve formula after your first 30-45 days.

One part of the reason why some people stop, is that instant gratification syndrome that almost everyone has inside them. Today’s fast moving world doesn’t help either.

Just… Continue on the path. As the outcome is ‘super duper’… In the not so distant future!

And that’s the travel-curvish flight that we take, at that point of the journey.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.




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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls


Final ‘Premium’ note: In terms of results… It’s all premium. Because I can guarantee with almost 100%
that you’ll experience a change… In the time frames that you see on the timeline (S-curve member story link above).

The spiritual and mental stuff? Well… That I can’t predict. But it will be a positive outcome. And it’ll most likely be similar to the stories that you’ve heard thus far.

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