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We’re heating up to a new year. And I think almost everyone is busy with stuff at this time of year.- Long TC or TC2.0 trips
– Family get-togethers
– Seeing friends that you haven’t seen in a while
– Starting official @ stages 1-4 via More buzz (Don’t forget to check the daily updates @ all links)So let’s all lap up every minute of it and take tons of pics and vids.

Today’s headline

Almost everyone who became a serious member had that, prior to being one. I’ve talked about it before. And it’s usually a case of being scared of success.

We’re keeping stage 1 in place, as it acts as a cure for that paralysis. It makes you feel comfortable @ taking the chains off.

Just like your hubby/partner did, when you first let them ‘inside’ your world. Hehe.

So… A couple of scenarios laid out for you @ person type…

Stage 1 and done?

That is… Can you start stage 1 and succeed with that only?

You can. But it usually only applies to hardcore go-getters.

Like… Someone who succeeds in other areas of their life. Decides to become S-curvish… And has zero knowledge about ‘fitness’ stuff. Like those folks I came across at the regular meet ups this year.

And just gets it done.

If that’s you. You’ll need at least one month on stage 3 though. And maybe a very early stage 4 to send you on your way, so that you know what to do on your own in the future.


You’re here because you need a helping hand. Because it is tough to do this stuff on your own as a busy adult.

So most who start on stage 1, quickly realise they can’t even consider the > cut corner approach. And just go all in on stage 3/queen.

– Stage 1 (1 month on stage 3) and done if you KNOW you’re a go getter

– Stage 1-3 for 3-6-12 months if you KNOW you are not and know you need the help!

Fall season goodies

See anything you like in the @fitbuzz skreened or cafe press store this year?

Well… We don’t do too much of that Black Friday stuff on the main program. And probably never will @ this ‘high end’ stage.

But that stuff does go on via our partners and third party associates @ apparel stuff and supps. And this is the best time of year to lap it all up.

It’ll continue on for several weeks too, as Christmas is coming. So again… Lap it up.

Flashback 2017 S-curve blueprint tips

<#1 Don’t worry about calories and grams.That won’t be important until you reach at least 60% S-curvish. Just focus on learning and embracing YOUR S-curve meal structure.

#2 Push for meal variety monthly… Not weeklyThere are many individual reasons why your results improve whilst you’re living your life on stage 3. I talk about them in almost every newsletter (That ‘telling you’… Is one of the reasons too).

One of the most important ones, is varying your food types. And it becomes easier to do, once you’re into the groove of things.

But… You only need to change it up every 1-2 months. In terms of boosting physical results. And if you are still in that zone, where you don’t change it up as much as you should be doing.

#3 Staying focused

Not doing so, whilst doing things on your own, is one of the reasons why you fall off.

And it’s not always your fault. It’s easy to get distracted with all these things going on around us in today’s world.

And that’s why we bring you in… Real close. Into the S-curve formula.

That’s arguably the no.1 reason why members in the most recent years, haven’t fallen off @  S-curve formula shenanigans.

The loss of focus, usually comes in the form of a hissy fit. Usually wanting to do multiple things at once.

This is one reason why we change the plan every 4-6 weeks. I mentioned the other reasons > here.

And it’s what happens over the long term too. Again… It’s all S-curve formula stuff at play. Just let it take over your body and mind :).

#4 Tasty A-rated cheat snacks

– Frozen strawberries and grapes – It gives the same satisfaction on the tongue as ice-cream… Without the D-F rated ingredients.

– Cherry tomatoes – Generic tomatoes only taste good when mixed with other foods. But these ones are very addictive @ eating them on their own. You’re allowed to get addicted too. Because there’s very little calories to consume and zero fat going into your guts.

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