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Buzzers… Sunday…

Yesterday… We talked about the TC2.0 shenanigans that are going on with everyone that’s involved here. And just a few hours ago… I put up a status, encouraging you to put your phone away for at least 6 hours a day.

You need to. Otherwise ‘coming up for air’ doesn’t work.


Shawn from the > first podcast cringed, at being without internet for 2-3 days for one of her upcoming trips (Understandable. But 12 hours can be OK).

And Danni from yesterday, felt like she needed a break from that same ‘come up for air’ TC2.0 trip (WTF)!

So from me to you… You see the way you have to get into the right mindset before starting on stage 3? Just… Do the same with your TC2.0 trips. Because if you don’t… There’s no point in taking a trip at all.

So keep that trip time, as ‘calendar free’ as you can @ no interruptions.

Let’s > Recapo


– We introduced this years > Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Fall season shenanigans.

– We explained that the S-curve formula as a whole, is a combination of science + real world testing.

– We explained how your goals will change throughout your journey.


It’s that festive time of year. New people are always entering our world here. So it was time to re-explain the embracing of the binge-fest, that happens on Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We talked about all the things that are going on. In different areas of the S-curve experience @ levelling up.


Here… We talked about the big shift that started to happen this year @ focusing less on the nutrition and workout parts of all this (Important for the long term). Along with some blueprint tips.


– Embracing your improved daily lifestyle shenanigans… Without wishing to be somewhere else at any given moment.

– New people like > Miss Greene have started, since the announcement of this years fall season program shenanigans.

It’s very hands on, with a lot of questions floating around. So here, we talk in detail about the 4 stages.


– What I talked about earlier.
– The issue of following through.
– Other Thanksgiving/Black Friday things that are going on, in other parts of the S-curve experience @ the stuff that exists on > More buzz.

We’ll be starting the new week with another important topic tomorrow. So see you then. Or message/reply below before Monday arrives.


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