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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Become S-curvish… Lose your boobs. Then buy your boobs back… What?

Let me explain…

We all know that everything within the S-curve formula has been tested, first hand.

It used to be just ‘me’ in the beginning (It sometimes still is). And then I gave that responsibility to

FitBuzzers… Who usually become S-curve members over time.

That’s why the workouts are so effective. Because they’ve been proven in the real world.


One thing that we began testing ‘intensively’ last year, was to create workout tweaks, that prevent the

shrinking of your boobs.

That’s not an easy thing to achieve. Because your boobs are just fat. And fat, typically shreds the same

way an onion peels. So if you lose fat ‘everywhere’, you’ll lose it on your boobs too.

So the phrase that you used to see us throw around a few years back….

Become S-curvish and ‘keep’ your real boobs… (@ soft lean goals)…

Is now an official reality.

In fact… One of the workout modules on the upcoming short splits routine, focuses on this specifically.

That’s being launched next week. So I won’t be giving you the boob loss prevention formula here.

But I’ll tell you some exercises to avoid, if you have a current body type that’ll spark a quick ‘1 cup size’

reduction in your boobs.

> No flyes
> No laterals
> No woodchoppers
> No wide grip pull ups

The goal… Is to keep your boobs as perky as possible.

This is possible… Because of what we’re able to achieve in muscle building. And… Because it’s possible

to have lean parts and fat parts on your body at the same time.

Like I said before… Everyone is succeeding, because of the ‘how to do’ with the ‘what to do’.

Aka… We know we have to workout and eat right. But how we go about doing it, to obtain the

desired result.

Now… It’s not a totally bad thing to buy back your boobs, if they shrink. Or to do it if you have ‘not so large’

ones in the first place.

But the goal, is to not focus on that. As buying body parts leads to other buying of body parts. Which takes

you down the ‘fake’ path.

Every one > here and > here  are showing 100% real results. So it will remain that way.

That’s what the long term program on that page is for. So today… Your confirmation of ‘real’ booty… has

been accepted.

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