Your butt tier x 3 (New buttgress pics)

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We have new S-curve shred to smexy pics from an S-curve member that started

in February.

The story is almost the same every time ‘today’ @ 1 – 3 months to good results

(Hall of fame below via ‘Morebuzz’).


The 30 day S-curve Bikini Challenge is super active right now.

It’s the month where we get to do all kinda crazy things to speed up results that

you’ll then get to keep in the long run… Just like the challenge Fridays that we’ve

been having in the past few weeks.

Because of that, it’s now time to make the longer term plan options crystal clear,

so that you know exactly what’s happening for the 6 months that you’re on.

Introducing the…

3 tier bikini butt 6 month plan <

**That’s now the default page for the current program(s) here on the 

buttletter and throughout the @fitbuzz-universe.**

Everything has been super simplified.

However, the individual program pages can still be found via Morebuzz.


#1 They make for good reading/learning

#2 There’s a lot of ‘extra’ examples of S-curve member results

You don’t need to look at any other program on Morebuzz if starting the NOW

official plans. Because everything you see there is now tailored into YOUR

6 month plan option (And some…).

Remember… Morebuzz is where you’ll find…

> Daily S-curve meals via the @fitbuzz kitchen & fellow FitBuzzers

> All things ‘S-curve workout’ via video

> Pre/post workout shenanigans

> @fitbuzz apparel & supplement stuff

> Daily highlights

And remember… This daily buttletter is a part of the S-curve formula, so do not

stop reading once/if you end up on the S-curve Bikini Challenge.

Happy Monday, reply to chat.


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’


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