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Buzzers… TGIF…

The other day…. I highlighted how crazy it is to be putting out messages to ‘just’ become S-curvish. Especially via social media channels. Since everyone here lives a life, with important stuff going on in their life.

Which is why we’ve turned into an S-curve experience.

And today… I want to dig into yesterday’s… Room for flexibility > Scenarios.

This is a big deal. Which goes hand in hand with 121 chat sessions and LIVE update member pages. And usually takes a lot of ‘chats’ to come to a mutual understanding of what YOU need. That’s the heart, of a higher-end experience.

So let’s get into why it’s a big deal…


It starts with answering > these questions. And when you do… It usually highlights a lot of problems you’re currently facing.

You feel good about opening up about your issues, because of the relationship we’ve built in this newsletter.

This is real heart felt s**t. Stuff that affects you every day.

I’m no stranger to these issues @ the back story via > More buzz. And… since we’ve been doing this many times over with past members. So I’m well equipped to embrace your openness.

– Fix my pain
– Fix your pain

And if anyone takes my place on here. Or jumps in along side me. They will qualify too.

It’s at this point… Where we can tackle these problems head on, every day.

– Issues with knees, back pain or shoulders
– Surgery needed for various things
– Thyroid issues

Those are some of the issues that came in via DM’s/replies in the past few months.

It’s all serious stuff right?

So when you start… Its you… Putting someone in your corner, who has your back 24/7. Daily…

Especially in the beginning.

And it doesn’t stop… Until you are physically (At least 60% S-curvish) and/or mentally fixed.

– That’s why the results and lifestyle phases came about.

– That’s why we’ve become a lot more flexible with the long term approach.

It has turned into YOUR long term. > This page is just a static representation of the stuff that goes on. But what actually happens. Is just us, fixing your life, like we would be face to face. Just using today’s tech.

4-6 week plans?

Yup… All of the above ties in with this. Because we don’t know exactly how things will go for YOU.

Yes… The timeline for results is proven (Link above). It will be some variation of that. But it’s only regarding physical results.

The mental and lifestyle stuff is a lot more unpredictable. Because it’s real life.

The fixes happen. But exact time frames can’t be put in place. We just get together and start ‘working’ the S-curve formula.


You are all already replying and messaging to these newsletters. It’s the most important thing to do. So don’t stop. Because that’s how you get your 2018 fix and beyond. And it’s also how you’ll start enjoying the rest of the experience @ Awesome daily life, ‘attire’ and TC2.0.

Because this failing s*** sucks.

Becoming and staying a winner FTW!


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