Your butt is still failing? (New interactive guide)

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That’s the first thing that you’ll see on the new interactive FB messenger guide that’s been created
over the past week.

You’ve probably seen it, if you’ve hovered over to > More buzz (As I tell you to do everyday) from

this newsletter during that time.

I guess it’ll only be useful to you, if you’re a ‘new’ newsletter reader.

But as a headline subject, for today’s newsletter…

What I’m getting at there, is that you’re probably missing some vital steps along the way, if your butt

is still failing. Yes… We know it’s more than just the butt. Much more. But the butt gets everyone
excited :D.

All S-curve members this year, have followed the long term process ‘exact’. And they are winning.

That’s what happens when you follow through (Is still a challenge to get ‘some’ to understand though).

Also… I know that ‘falling off’ happens @ ‘life’ kicks in. Which is why > yesterday’s newsletter came

about .
We’ve always been ‘real and heart felt’ on here. And I’ve personally probably gone through everything
that’s possibly setting you back (Other than raising kids. No babies yet. Ha).


Day 2 of that guide walks you through the 6-18 month timeline. It doesn’t give all the details (That’s the

formula for S-curve members).

But from the outside… It looks like this…

– Noticeable results
– The grind stage
– The butt shrink (Currently creating a tweak weeks module for this)
– Life at 90-100% S-curvish and beyond

So like I’ve been saying for the past year or so. We’ve turned everything into a university style of

course now (Or any long term course).

And if you’ve ever done anything like that, you’ll know that stopping and starting messes up

your flow and sets you back.

So if you start for the first time. You WILL win. Super guaranteed!

And if you’re restarting as a past member. You’ll be re-prepared for the ‘today’ YOU. And then…

You’ll start at one of the stages on the 6-18 month timeline. And then to see you through to 90-100%

You’re probably curious about that new interactive guide now. If so… Just visit More buzz. It’ll pop up

just before you exit the screen.
TGIF blueprint ‘tip’

– High in mono/poly fat
– High in carbs
– High in protein
– Low in saturated fat
– High in fiber

It’s rare for most foods to have all 5.

But there are some foods that have at least 1 of those traits, which is a rare boost trait for it’s food



Bulgar wheat = High in protein/fiber – A food type that’s commonly high in slow carbs
Purple rice = High in protein – Commonly high in slow carbs
Pistachio nuts = High in protein/carbs – Commonly high in fat
Plantain = Super low in all fats (Check the FB profile timeline below for a related TGIF snack)
Chia seeds = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Commonly high in fat
Buckwheat = Nearly hits the mark @ all 5 – Commonly high in slow carbs

Feel free to keep adding to this list. Especially if you’re from (Or background is from) Outside of the


These are the foods that we focus on during and after the grind stage.

And where you’re encouraged to look, once you start eating out, globally. Which is of course, where

the fun never ends. Especially from a taste perspective.
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