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Buzzers… Wednesday…

The entire world is once again, entering a universal summer season right now. And the mood really does

change, because of that.

Aka… You are all probably walking around a little happier than usual right now.

And if not… Then at least you have this newsletter in your life to help you along, with whatever is making you unhappy.

In terms of becoming S-curvish as we approach the summer season. We have…

#1 The > Spring season Results Phase.
#2 > The ab fix… If you’re an ‘already fit’ lady… With a current day ‘belly’.
#3 > Experiment #3 – Which is a very light, Lifestyle Phase (Mostly for those who are travelling around


I know that there’s a lot of people that are failing right now. Because I speak to YOU.

There’s no reason to be here if you’re to remain a ‘loser’. So please… Don’t be a loser. 😀

Let’s have some reminder S-curve (Workout) blueprint tips to keep you going.

Because this newsletter, is a direct result, of the events that happened the day before. And this week… I had an in-person training session with > Rhoj. Who I met back in February. Who is also an ‘already fit’ lady, who suffers from having a current day ‘belly’. Due to ‘living S-curvishly’. But isn’t following the rules for eating S-curvishly.
#1 Results boosters via S-curve workouts
We all know that the workouts ‘trigger’ the results that you start to see, when you become a member. And it’ll always be a tailored approach, that’s specific to YOU… That causes you to win. But the following are some common triggers to remember…
– Always go full range of motion on every exercise.
– Keep your rest periods short, between sets/circuits.
– Start your workouts with an effective exercise that you suck at ‘executing’ (Do this on every workout).
– Don’t try to progress to the advanced exercise variations too quickly (Which is why we have a module on how to do this properly).
– 25-40 mins… You’re in the gym too long, if you’re in there past that time.

#2 Like doing MMA, mud runs, yoga, intermittent fasting?

Then you don’t have to stop doing any activities that you’re currently involved in. We’ll just structure that, into your tailored plan.

#3 High tension reps

There are several rep styles that we run through, over the long term, on your plan.

Each one pushes your results in a different way. And is used, based on your on-going results. And if you want to see visible ‘growth’, fast. Then you’ll want to include high tension reps into your routine.

Common exercises where we use them are…

– Calf raises
– Standing lunges
– Leg raise variations
– Bicep curls

It’s when there’s zero ‘pause’ moments as you perform your reps.

And on some exercises, like the standing lunge. We don’t hit the peak of the movement at the top or the bottom. We keep the tension going right in the middle.

This hurts. Just like doing a complete ROM set of an exercise. Which is why most people don’t do it when they’re on their own.

And is partly the reason why some don’t see the results that they’re after. Since the workouts trigger the results.

This is definitely the case once you’re going through a grind stage. Which is when you’ve hit at least 60%

S-curvish and are striving for better results. Which is of course, harder to achieve at that point.

So ya… Give high tension a try. But you have been warned… Jump on the chats to get some direction, first.

#4 S-curve bodyweight circuits

A golden oldie new member tip…

Don’t hold your breath during exercises.

Some naturally do it, because it makes them feel empowered (Weird). But the only thing it does… Is makes you quit your circuit rounds earlier.


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