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Buzzo’s… Choose ‘today’…

At present… Most of the conversations that I have… Are with people who I meet in the ‘condo’ gym that I currently stay in.
The same one where you’ve seen most of the 2014-2017 S-curve workout videos recorded.And yes… They look better than the 2011-2014 vids… Since those we’re recorded in gloomy UK. The newer  ones are recorded in Asia… Where there’s a sun rise and sunset, almost everyday.

The initial reason for doing the videos outdoors… Was because they show you that you can do the workouts anywhere (‘Anywhere’ workouts).

A concept which has now been improved upon, since you get shown what to do LIVE… Based on what you’re doing in life ‘today’. All published to your member page. > Like this.


Most of the people in that gym, know what I do. And some have become S-curve members. But the thing that always happens, is ‘conversation’.

These people live lives that look exactly like yours. I know it’s ‘exactly’, since I talk to everyone, from many different countries.

Which means  that the problems they talk about, can be addressed on this newsletter @ you will relate.

Yesterday’s convo was with a guy that I’ve known for 4 years. He’s watched how things have grown and changed on here over the past 4 years (In person).

Which isn’t too different from what you’ve seen. If you’ve been following. Since I’ve documented everything.

What we talked about yesterday, was ‘exercises’.

Most people just shut up and listen when I start talking. Hehe. Since they often learn something useful. Kinda like what we do with the newsletter S-curve blueprint tips.

There’s a progression to themNot knowing this fact… Is what messes a lot of people up. And I see that it’s an issue with beginner S-curve members.

They’ll see some effective exercises (Even ones in the newsletter that say to not do them, if you’re not at a certain level) and want to throw them into random routines.

That’s a quick way to get Injured and/or see volatile progress. So keep that in the forefront of your mind at all times.

Range of motionIncreasing it… Is how you make each rep more effective. Which then leads to a boost in results.

A little list…

#1 Standing knee to elbows – It’s like doing the bicycles exercise. But standing up. And a variation where it’s impossible to not do complete reps.

#2 Kneeling leg kick > hip extension  It’s both of those exercises, all in one movement. Kneeling, allows your leg to kick forward a little further, compared to laying on your side.

#3 Long standing lunges – A golden oldie. But lunging an extra 6-12 inches further in front, will hit your butt muscles a little harder.

Strength and exercise progression is a deep topic. Which is why there’s an entire module for it on > stage 3.Nutrition is the only other topic that will take longer to master @ tailoring for YOU.

Changing lanes (The booty card changes)

We changed lanes around 2-3 years @ being more than just ‘fitness’ focused.

Going by the past/recent conversations. It’s clear that all of our fitness shenanigans… NEED to work in sync with your day to day shenanigans.

Our fitness shenanigans need to become the norm. Just like eating food or sleeping. So you’ll continue to experience tailored plans, that work well, around anything that’s going on in your life.

– Injuries
– Sickness
– Travel-curvish and 2.0

We can do that… Since we have a ton of experience doing it with past members… Who all started with some kinda problem.

– Thyroid issues
– Scoliosis
– Shoulder issues
– Break ups from relationships

I started > this podcast last year. So that S-curve members can jump on and tell you themselves. So that you can hear the conversations that we had, 121. When fixing their problems.

In terms of results. They will all tell you the same thing @ you will 99% see noticeable results in the 14-45 day time frame. Vic, Shawn… Everyone!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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