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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week. And today… It’s all about listing some updates that are going on in S-curve world… Along with some blueprint tips to start your week ‘right’. So let’s get into it…

You can optional

> This has changed, as of yesterday. Which kinda coincides a little, with > this newsletter from last week.

This option isn’t for everyone though. Hence… Why it’s called ‘this is optional’.

But right now… For some opportunists who this option relates to… All you have to do, is just sign up on that


I’ll see it, if you do. And then you’ll get in on stage 1. Which is indeed… ‘free’.

Becoming S-curvish

Most of you have already seen the update to this. But we’ve had new FitBuzzers join the newsletter since then. So > here’s the page again.

S-curve blueprint tips

#1 Whey and casein are the only supplements that you’ll ‘need’ to add to your meals. Anything extra is just a boost @ results/lifestyle.

#2 Your weakest looking body part… Hit it with an effective isolation exercise everyday (We use the strength and exercise progression process here too).

#3 Brown bread with raisins inside… That’s one of the best cheat snacks to eat throughout the day.

> It’s tasty
> It’ll keep hunger at bay
> You’ll always feel energised

#4 One exercise variation that will save your boobs = Close grip incline bench press.

Seriously though… Sculpting your body, requires several specific exercises… Done consistently.

Becoming an official member solves ‘not knowing what to do’, in that department… Quick fast!

#5 Eating out…

The best part of eating (After satisfactory results). Is when enjoying life. Because you now know how food ‘works’. So you’ll always be aware of what it is that you’re putting into your mouth.

You would have also learned about reading food labels… To see if any one food source, is a great fit for any breakfast/lunch/dinner meal that you have.

But if you’re eating out…

– Restaurant
– Beach

You won’t have food labels. So simply look at the food you’re about to eat. And track it back to it’s A-rated levels.

At which point… You can gauge how ‘dirty’ you want to eat.

#6 Cook your main meals… For the taste. And then add raw foods. Or as a side dish = A great A-C rated balance.

#7 S-curve workouts (Weightlifting and bodyweight circuit) – Warm up with exercises that are similar to the

ones that you’ll do in your workouts. And warm down with stretches.
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#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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