Your Ass ‘Used’ To Be Flat (Jen Selter Before And After)

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(Fit Buzz follower Jun get’s it done!)

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I speak with most of you every other day via all platforms, so I always know what’s ‘happening’ with you. Now, the S-curve is something that you are all aware of. You know what it is. But in recent weeks, there has been a hot focus on the teeny tiny waist and epic butt.

Soo… I went ahead and started to create a few workouts to target that…

> You wants the big bum bum ‘n’ little waist < WATCH

As you can see… They’re liked. Soooo… We now have a new module.


The Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines <


I did say I was going to get this out to you earlier in February. Soooo… ^^

Annnnyway, let’s me explains what’s in the modulala….

– Split routines that target the legs, butt and waist (You perform split routines when the goal is to take your physique to the next level, by getting a little more focused on certain body parts. Hence…)

– …Great for those of you who are NOT new to training and have hit a plateau

– Each workout is a variation of one formula. Which consists of 5-6 exercises with strategically chosen reps/sets/rest periods/equipment

– All full length 1080p HD video workouts

– New workouts added every week

– On Whatsapp or Skype? Then you can get your regime analysed and tailored, since I KNOW there will be exercises that won’t work for you

I incorporate a lot of what you see here into my own workouts. Which is how I know what will help you kick butt to get butt.

E.g. Strategic variations of a single leg split squat/deadlift can sometimes be much more effective than their generic versions.

Tried and tested there ^^


Either way, that’s it, it’s here as promised and ready to get you hot for the moments that you will spend here < to take snaps just like FitBuzzer Aleksandra.

Some social stuff

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– More OOTD fit fash < (Since it’s a hot topic this week)

– An updated travel shenanigans page <

– You do it all for these moments <

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