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Buzzers… Thursday…

Tis the S-curve experience

**Become S-curvish (‘Not’ this part right now)** > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

I talked a bit about that at the start of yesterday’s newsletter. And being able to live like this, would be a false reality for most on here, not too long ago.

But it’s ‘the’ reality today, since almost anyone can work from anywhere now. Wether you run your own business or work in someone else’s.

I’m constantly around people that do both. So it’s a great experience to be a part of on here. I’m loving it for sure. So join in, if not already.

We like to talk about elephants in rooms on here from time to time…

And the elephant in today’s room =

If you currently look (and feel) like s*** (For way too long)… Then you should probably seek some help with that.

I have to talk about my own pre @fitbuzz story here. Since I know what’s going on in your head, in regards to this situation.

You’re OK with ‘mediocre’

When things are down @ life. It’s just easier to stay there than it is to rise up.

Most of it is in your head though. And rising up is usually super easy. You just need to act on an action.

But what’s going on here… Is that everyday, you convince yourself that it’s OK to look the way you currently do.

That’s what I was doing in 2008, when my weight dipped to 72kg at 6’2 (Yikes).

That of course changed, when I started

The first program that got me out of that rut, was the pull ups program. Which was 2010-2011. It was the return of the 16 year old ‘me’ again. As back then, it was just a pull up bar and 3 to 4 months of consistency.

So I repeated that formula. And as usual… My strength went up.

I of course did this from home. And it’s what I did, to boost my confidence, to face being in a public gym again.

Yup. For the first time ever @ life… My confidence levels dipped that low (Just left a tech start up… To now self employed @ all Fitbuzz shenanigans).

Once the strength and confidence levels went up. It was back to the gym. When that happens to you, your daily routine is fixed.

And at some point during this time period. You’ll look at yourself and think.. ‘What the fudge was I thinking… Thinking that I looked OK’.

And hopefully, you didn’t take too many pictures of yourself during your mediocre stage. If you did, then it only makes for great > S-curve member story content.

More progress

All of what we see above, is what the first few months will look like, if you currently look and feel like s***.

I remember what that was like. It wasn’t easy to do. Especially when doing it on your own.

But YOU… Are not alone. You have a very solid entity in your corner, to push you to whatever success levels you’re after.

Not only that. But we can see what needs to be done at any given moment. And can predict (With more ease) what will happen next.

Wine glass emoji goes here @ no more mediocre days!


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