You have never seen a June like this before… (Sounds like a song)

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It’s time to get ready for the official summer months @ June-August 2017.

It’s a tittle different this year, as there was no official results phase this time last year. The results phase

is what will get you to your S-curvish summer body for the next few months… If you’ve screwed around
and have not taken the S-curvish action that you’ve been taught to do, here on the newsletter.

Again… The time will pass and you can’t get it back. You can’t reverse ageing either.


It’s June 1st… So now is the time to officially start… If it’s a physical fix ‘only’ that you want.

However… Like I said yesterday… The S-curve process has completely changed now. This results phase

will see you through to June-August.

But these months will also act as your foundation months and to prepare you for the September ‘’restart’.

And the for the Thanksgiving/Xmas shenanigans.

So the next 6 months will look something like this… (If starting for the first time today).

> June – Results phase

> July – Half results phase/Half lifestyle phase (Maybe some routines from the tweak weeks program)
> August – Lifestyle phase
> September – Results phase
Getting your mind to embrace the upcoming binge-fest season. Because you’ll actually benefit from the
binge @ food variety. All of that extra fat intake, will only affect you if you have a low metabolism or a high
BF%. So whatever extra that you put on, will disappear after 1-2 weeks. Like it > did for Vic.

More importantly… You’ll enjoy your damn self, during those festive activities. Which is an important

lifestyle phase trait. Just like > Travel-curvish is.

> October – Lifestyle phase

> November to Christmas – Results phase

So… Two things…

If you’ve been following for a while… Your trust levels are high… And you want a guaranteed physical fix… Jump  on the > $300 results phase.

If your trust levels are lower and you think you might go long term and join the current active S-curve

members, who have done just that (A very smart move).
Then start the > $50 S-curve trial/challenge to ease you into the process. Because we’ll be working
together, well into 2018. Or even beyond… With the way things are currently set up with S-curve members
and the long term structure.

Reply to talk… It’s better to do so by adding on Messenger below… And > More buzz
for everything else.
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