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Last night…

You know… I’m always switching up my daily routine (My #boutine remains the same though). And I have to… Because getting creative and testing things out… Is what leads to great things appearing, here on the newsletter.

And currently… I spend a few hours of the day working outside, in this ever growing ‘hub’ that I currently live in (With people arriving here, from all over the world). Which is open 24/7.

– I get a long lunch break.

– I always ends up meeting new people (I’ve lost count @ how many peoples mobile phone galleries I’m in).

– I get to ‘come up for air’ and get great idea moments.

But most important of all. New stories are created from my shenanigans.These stories tend to instigate jewels of knowledge (Via conversations with people)… Which is then shared to you on the newsletter/Messenger newsletter. Because it’s all based on actual events. Real stuff that’s on peoples minds @ them, in their natural element.

So… Be prepared to see something new… Almost every single day.

Last week… 

I talked about the things that happen to you, when you become active in the beginning parts of the S-curve experience @ becoming S-curvish.

And I of course, have seen how this plays out.

In short… People reveal their true colors. About their association with you.

So if anything… Use all of what you do here. To weed out crappy people. And to reveal who the ‘real ones’ are.

It may hurt a little once you find out (If they’re a fake one). But at least you’ll know. And save a lot of future heartache.

The newest options @ becoming an S-curve member 

I’ve added yesterday’s one time payment option to > this page.

I won’t update it to Morebuzz yet. Because it’s still early days. And the current stage 1-4 set up. Is still the best page for newcomers to see.

Getting you to start It used to be harder to get you to start. And it has become easier over time @ past shenanigans increasingly visible/building up the trust factor over time.

But one of the fastest ways to speed up the process. Is our daily social media posts. And yes… It’s the newsletters job to send you over there.

We need to talk 

Yup. Stories > FB Messenger is the current way that we do that.

But one reason why it must happen. Other than the obvious. Is that following… Sometimes feels like a one sided conversation.

And not everyone likes to comment on stuff (Depending on the platform).

So people will view many posts. And put their own conversation in their head @ the message we try to get across.

However… The message might come across wrongly in their head. And it’s not until they have a  121 convo with me. Until they see we’re actually pretty cool @ our vibe, message and overall intentions (Unless we’ve already built up a solid relationship over the years).

So get over there @ the FB stories > Chats > 121 coaching (once you become a member).

And Messenger… Because everyone is reading the emails. But not replying… And instead, sending messages via social media platforms.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > The hammock (See the daily Travel-curvish posts on all channels @  Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook/twitter)

– Tis the S-curve experience @ > post workout shenanigans

– > Epic again… Since Fitbuzzers bought this yesterday


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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