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Buzzers… Wednesday in Christmas week…

In 2017…

We had two camps…

Camp #1 – I’m getting the newsletters and all the tips. But I still don’t ‘get it’.

Camp #2  I get it all… Love it all. It’s a part of the formula and I understand. As I look forward to each newsletter. Let’s officially start so that I can experience the program in full.

Camp #1 solution – If that’s you… You probably over complicate things. Or are doing so, because you’ve tried many things, without any solid plan in place. So now your brain is scrambled.

There could be several different things going on in your head. Either way… You need to be hand held. Fixing you… Might take a while. So my advice to you, is to start on stage 1. And move through the stages gradually, as a total newbie should.

Camp #2 solution – You probably know that you need outside help, from a source that has helped many get to where you want to get to. And one that you have begun to trust. For you. Just start on stage 3.

You… Will be a contender for the end of year awards for 2018 @ long term S-curve members.

Some stuff from yesterday’s 121 chats

It’s been long known, that everything you see on here… Comes from the events that happened the day before.

That’s how we keep everything relative to you. Which we combine with everything new that we introduce, to keep things fresh and up-to-date. Just like the mention of yesterday’s > ‘Buzzcoin’.

Which is what I think, could possibly be the next level of evolution for stages 1-4. Seriously. It would

change everything! And greatly improve the % number @ the amount of newsletter Fitbuzzers that become S-curve member success stories here.

I’ll explain more during the coming months. Anyway… Yesterday…

#1 Tailoring is still a big ‘must’

If you’re a seasoned newsletter reader that sits in camp no.2 (above). Then just answer > these questions, start stage 3… And move swiftly onto your LIVE update member page. As the first update will be very close to what’s needed for you to be doing.

If you fall under camp no.1. Answer those questions, start on stage 1. Then keep on asking a ton of questions!

Seriously… The more that’s known about you. And the stronger the bond we create. The easier it is to get you on a successful path. I simply won’t allow you start if you don’t do this. As you’ll probably fail.

And the blame will fall on the S-curve process. That… Is never happening!

#2 The Xmas break was good (Long weekend). But coming back to all of this, reminded me of how much of a balancing act all of this stuff is… @ looking and feeling the best version of yourself whilst juggling work/family/life balance.

That’s why 2017 was about building out the S-curve experience.

Ya… Much more than just a ‘program’. Definitely an ‘experience’. Highlighted by the chats with yesterday’s new stage 1 members.

And yup… I myself am using everything that has been created here.

So for me right now. It’s a focus on…

– S-curve meal structure
– Cheat snacking
– Coming up for air
– TC2.0
– The tweak weeks short splits routine

#3 Are you a non-active stage 3 member at this current time?

If so… It means you already have a LIVE update member page that’s full of content. You could restart stage 3… Using one of > these scenarios.

But if you still feel like the success that you have become. Then just jump on stage 4. As it’ll keep your current day content updated, as things are added over the next 6 months (The $200 option).

‘Buzzcoin’ ideas running through my brain… Message first (FB). Reply second (To this newsletter). And all the stages from above can be found on > More buzz.


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