You have 20 seconds left to live (Your fault)

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Our little spurt of talking about becoming S-curvish, is over for now. And back we are… On talking about the S-curve experience as a whole.


This time last year… I told you that we’ll start focusing on the 60%-ish, non-workout/nutrition parts of all this. And this year, it happened.

But why?

Well… You’re probably screwed up physically right now… Right? How much so… You can reply or message me straight.

But the reason why you got like that in the first place, was because your mental + lifestyle ‘game’ took a knock.
Probably on a consistent basis for months and years, until it became a noticeable problem.

So yea… You fudged up.

I’ve been there (See the back story @ the top of > More buzz). So I know it isn’t all your fault. So… We added some fixes this year, that keep your mental game strong.

– Coming up for air
– Hissy fit management (You WILL quit without this)
– TC 2.0

And of course, last year… We introduced the results and lifestyle phases. Which ensures that you’ll get results, keep them and still live the same life you’ve always done. Just in an improved way.

”To make women look and feel like the best version of themselves” – Said the mission statement via More buzz

Which is heightened by Travel-curvish 2.0. Which I won’t talk about today.

So understand. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the experience as a whole. And not just the becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish part of it.

As the non-workout/nutrition stuff… Are the fixes that keep you in this for the long term. Long after your 6-18 month journey on > stage 3.

Blueprint tips time

#1 Mental and physical fix

Wanna know why you start stage 3? It’s so that you actually follow through @ accountability. And then… Get shown what to do next (Not guess).

Your results aren’t coming, because you’re not doing that. #facts

#2 Based on yesterday’s chats

Got knee problems and think you’re at a catch 22, because you think you need squats in your life?


You can cancel them out completely if you want. As there are many exercise variations that we can start doing that are…

#1 Less likely to cause injuries
#2 Are actually more effective

Just reply or message. And I’ll give you some exercises within the first 20 seconds, so that your butt and surrounding body parts, have a lot more than 20 seconds to live.

> 3 teeth lost so far… And the topics we discuss today, becomes the newsletter(s) of tomorrow.


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