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Buzzers… Saturday…

That’s the theme going on in S-curve world right now. And it’s a theme that I’ve been predicting, that ALL followers, FitBuzzers and S-curve members (YOU), would start to ‘get’.

That… It’s more than just becoming S-curvish. And that ‘just’ becoming S-curvish… Is the start of something much bigger.

– Travel-curvish
– Better relationship with ‘your people’
– Happier overall
– Future in-person meet ups (Mostly local ones, when me, or a representative is active in a near by city)


Because that’s actually a representation of how life is being lived… By people who are soon-to-be S-curve members.

Take a look at > this screen shot from one of Thursday’s convo’s (Which was also where > this newsletter came from).

– Clearly… She wants to become S-curvish.
– Clearly… She knows that we are experts at getting you to become S-curvish.

But as you can see towards the later half of the convo. She ‘has a life’. And more importantly… She’s a fan of 3 day weekends. Aka TC2.0 trips!

That’s what it’s all about.

It’s about getting to at least 60% S-curvish, fast (More so, that you become happier). And to then enjoy your life inside your new S-curvish bod.

I’ve gone LIVE… Meeting people like her. Since I bump into a lot of people, when I take TC2.0 trips.

Just like I did with the LIVE > becoming S-curvish stuff.

So I can personally feel what these people want. Which is also what I wanted for myself, back in 2014, when I set off on the travels. Most of which, many of you have witnessed and been a part of, by following me on FB.

So unless you haven’t already noticed… Long gone are those ‘fitness world vibes’. Where it feels like you’re fighting with fitness/nutrition professionals (Especially when they don’t give a sh*t about your results and just want your cash).

It’s all about building that connection, enjoying life more. And meeting as many of you in person, as possible (Adding me on FB is the next best thing… As a newsletter reader – Random folks are on the FB page 121 chats).

We’ve already been connecting for 5-6 years or so already @ S-curve members.

And like it says > here on the Lifestyle Phase section (Written 3 years ago). It’s really all about the 10-15 year long shenanigans. Long after you become S-curvish.

I already have a vision of what a possible future S-curve world looks like. We’re 8 years in already. And I’ve given you hints of what’s to come, in the past several months.

So (wine emoji goes here)… Here’s to living it up with you all.


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