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Buzzers… Sunday…

That Results Phase bonus is over. But as of the past 2 years. Most of you don’t even care about bonuses and offers.

You don’t care about ‘price’ much either.

You just want to officially start as a member… Due to your positive experience on this newsletter or just from following, in general.

We’re going to RECAPO in a sec.

But let me show you how simple my own S-curve formula is. And to then… Look at my own physique on any of the FB profile pics.

– A short splits routine that lasts 20 minutes, 3 x a week.

– A TDE video twice a week.

– 4 main S-curve meal structure meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, 2 dinners with cheat snacks – Which you see

me post on FB, every time I eat them).
That’s it.I don’t even follow the progression aspects of the S-curve formula. Yet… I’m able to maintain this current day physique.

Of course… I’m at stage 4. And that’s what stage 4 looks like. But it won’t take you long before you get there.

The biggest hurdle you’ll face… Is not falling off the wagon, in the first 6-8 weeks. After that… You’re simply going to win.

That’s why I made that summer 2018 Results Phase 3 months long. Because after that 3 months… You’re flying.

And if you’re high flying at the end of August. Then you’ll be set to take advantage of the fall season binge-fests

@ Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
@ This is when we ’embrace’ the binge… And not dread it (Like most people do)
@ It’s all about that nutrient variety… Even with all those extra D-F rated foods that you’ll be munching on.

Now let’s…



– What IS ‘Becoming S-curvish’ though? We dig in…
– Genetics and where you’re from affects the quality of your results? This topic was triggered by Q & A chats. So we talked about that.
The S-curve formula is for men?
– That crazy 3 day Results Phase… Which has now ended.
– Breaking down the official foods list from the member area.
– A Q & A about that crazy Results Phase… Which is still relevant, even though it has ended.
A guide to social media in S-curve world.


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