Xtend has become ‘protocol’ again (S-curve formula)

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Xtend… We’ve been ‘Fitbuzzing’ for a while now. And naturally… There’s been an evolution to everything that we do here. Most of that, is what you can see on More buzz.

And if you look on that page, you’ll see a section called ‘S-curve journey extras’.

You won’t need much else, outside of the S-curve formula, to achieve your physical S-curve goals. And in terms of nutrition… We only use a select few ‘ingredient focused’ supplements, outside of the S-curve meal structure.

That’s what you’ll see under S-curve journey extras.

But that list only came into existence, after real world, hands on experience with the stuff, via the S-curve members. Starting All the way back in 2010.

One of the supplements that got a lot of praise (For post workout recovery/kill muscles soreness). Was the following Xtend supplement. And we know it was all ‘real’, because the ‘then’ S-curve members, were fashion models who wanted to look stronger, yet remain soft. Which is what we now call ‘soft lean’.

The return of Xtend

Why we forget about it?

We didn’t… It’s just that the S-curve meal structure became the most important thing for the S-curve formula, in regards to nutrition.

And it’s making a return to the @fitbuzz main websites, because the effectiveness of Xtend, is now becoming more useful, at the top end of S-curve results. When S-curve members become the best version of themselves. Which we call… ’90-100% S-curvish.

So… Here’s to the happy return of Xtend into @fitbuzz/S-curve world :)…




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