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I talked about this recently.

And you’ll usually feel like there’s no reason, for why it happens. But there usually is a valid reason. You just can’t see it, because you’re just busy with life.

– Sleep pattern got a little fudged up
– Your nutrient and calorie intake changed
– You became more physically active
– Your workout activity changed

This will happen more often on a lifestyle phase than on a results phase. Because a lifestyle phase is less focused. Which is why it happens.

The magical thing, about shifting between the two. Is that we’re able to get the ‘body fixes’ and still live a great lifestyle @ > yesterday’s newsletter.


Since I already gave you an ‘example fix’ for today’s headline. Let’s focus on what we would do when that happens to other body parts.

This is coming straight out of my head. As if you asked me face to face, on the spot.


Remember… Your body will shape shift throughout the day. Which is normal.

Like… You’ll usually look less-curvish in the morning, since you’re waking up from a fasting period @ 6-8 hours of sleep.

That’s a common hissy fit moment. And one of the things that helps with that. Is by drinking casein before bed time. Since that helps to protect the muscles that you’ve built up. Which fights against the natural muscle wasting that occurs.

And of course… You’ll usually look your best… 48-72 hours after an effective workout. And from eating S-curvishly during that time period.

How and what you eat, will change over time, in order to push you forward to 90-100% S-curvish. Which is the reason why you’re given the protocol S-curvish meal structure on > More buzz. As it’s just the starting point.

Now let’s get into some exercises that will aid the fix.

#1 Tiny lower legs?

– 3 step calf raises > Heavy weight > Knees slightly bent > Feet pointed inwards/straight/outwards

#2 Butt volume

– Super rep single leg deadlift
– Heavy clam

#3 Triceps looking too ‘big’?

– Light weight barbell + High reps
– Laying over head tricep extensions

#4 Too much fat building up on your sides, above your waist?

– Standing dumbbell laterals
– Walking knee to elbows (Correct form)
– Throwing your feet to the left/right on laying leg lifts
– Hanging bicycles

Those are the ingredients. The formula exists in the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’. Which is of course the > long term tailored approach @ shifting between the lifestyle and results phase.

Reply to talk as usual… Adding below is MUCH better… And More buzz for daily updates.


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