Why You Should Get Your Girl To Be A ‘Sexy’ Bodybuilder

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Why You Need A Bodybuilding Girlfriend?

In the last several months, I have seen a huge increase the number of women taking up bodybuilding. Some of them I even have as friends. But when you stand a ‘fit’ lady (beautiful, sexy, idol) next to a FIT lady, the differences between them are hard to miss. In fact, the ‘fit’ lady may even feel inferior at that current moment. Actually, I know they feel inferior, as I witnessed this over the weekend. And then I got accused for making them feel depressed…. yikes! The ‘fit’ lady actually works out and looks GREAT, but when stood next to the lady that has beautiful cuts, a lady 6 Pac and that whole G.I Jane look, the differences were obvious from both a man and a woman’s perspective. Guys, be careful in situations like this!

But what is a sexy bodybuilder?

Well, just like women who love men with muscles, there will be women who hate it. To be specific, they hate wrestler-sized muscles. They think it is unattractive. To each their own I say to that. But when you switch the sexes and have men commenting on women that have muscles, then I’m going to say it’s all about the sexy woman bodybuilder.

Now, you already know the reasons of why you need a bodybuilding girlfriend from my older post.

But if you really want your lady to compliment you as your partner in crime, whine and dine, then you will want her to build sexy muscle. Not masculine ripped muscles.

Have a look at these women I have stumbled upon recently. I have chosen real everyday women for this, as these are women who are living normal lives, yet building superstar bodies.




These are examples of what I would consider sexy muscles. This is the look, which I say is perfect for your lady to have. It is the type of muscle and tone that allows her to stay feminine when wearing all of those girlie clothes that she loves to wear. But that is not the case with a hardcore woman bodybuilder.

When a woman is built like this, it can look good. But if your lady looks like this, then you will more likely get reactions such as ‘eeeew’  ‘yuck, she looks like a man’. And that really is no compliment to you now is it. And the whole ‘looking like a man’ thing is quite true in a sense. If this type of lady dresses up in ‘girlie wear’ like the sexy bodybuilder lady does, then she will look more like a man dressed as a woman! How ironic is that.

My girl already works out, but does not want to lift weight!

Ok, first of all she can dispel the myth that lifting weights will turn her bulky. Women won’t put on muscle like men do, unless she really does ‘go for it’ (Which some women like to do). She will most likely get more toned by lifting weights, which will be key in adopting the sexy bodybuilder look.

Second – She doesn’t lift any weights at all? I recon she probably looks good. But I bet you she doesn’t look GREAT. And sooner or later she will be faced with the same scenario that the woman I know faced last weekend. She will stand next to a GREAT looking woman, feel inferior and then have the cheek to tell you that it’s your fault why she doesn’t look GREAT.

Feed that info to her and she will be fine.

More Reasons For Her To Be A ‘Sexy’ Bodybuilder

She Will Look Great On Your Arm

Lets face it guys; we all want a woman that everyone else wants… right?

She’s looking after herself and it shows… you must be doing something right? – If you find a great woman, she will probably be responsible for turning you into a great man. But in this case, I think the tables are turned.

She Will Be Happy

If a woman looks genuinely happy when she’s with you, everyone she knows and doesn’t know will notice it, especially if she wasn’t happy before. And she will without a doubt talk about what it is that makes her wake up with a smile on her face everyday. What could that be you may wonder? YOU

Not only will that put you in the good books of friends, mothers, fathers etc. It will also inject new life into your relationship.

Bodybuilding Is A Lifestyle… That You Will Both Be A Part Of

Very soon you will see why this ‘lifestyle’ is so important to me. It’s been rooted into my being since the age of 16, and it all began from being sick of being a skinny guy. But since started, bodybuilding has done wonders for me, and they days or month I stopped, it was like a huge void missing from my life. Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. 10 Reasons to workout

If you do have a girlfriend, she will either love your body, keep encouraging you workout (as she wants a man that looks good), or she won’t really give a damn and will just love you the way you are bodybuilding or not. Whichever it is, you should consider getting her involved in the lifestyle. Once you both share that passion, it will actually improve the friendship part of your relationship. In fact, you will probably learn a whole lot more about each other, which could spark a whole new dimension into your relationship. But through all of this, just be sure to keep her on the leash. Or she may get addicted and have no more time for you. Or just dump you for a better model. You may even start to think she’s on drugs and decide to enroll her in a drug treatment program because she has lost her mind!

I do love the fact that more women are entering the bodybuilding world, and I do hope that more of them adopt the sexy bodybuilder look only. There will without a doubt be more talk about women bodybuilders, as I know that a woman will always be a key part of your life. The foundation of your being for some of you and it is that foundation which you will want to make solid… for the long term.

See you in the comments.

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