Why You Need To Be A No B.S Bodybuilder

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This week I have been talking about the importance of training insane and having fun throughout your life in bodybuilding. But today is all about favoring the importance of working out with ridiculous intensity and shocking your muscles. Today I’m going to tell you how and why¬†you should be a no B.S bodybuilder.

What is a no B.S Bodybuilder?

Well… There will be times when you face one of these situations… or something similar.

1) There will always be a day or week where you skip your workouts. You go out one weekend, party, get hung over and by Monday you are still in recovery mode. You finish work and then think to yourself… F**K this! No gym TODAY! Then the ‘skip-a-day’ trend begins and continues, then before you know it you start missing weeks of training.

2) You have a long day at work at, you step outside, and the winter chill just pushes you in the direction of home and bed. You skip one day, make a promise that you will make it up the next day. You wake up and the weather man delivers the same news. Cold chills. You skip another day. Before you know it, you become out of sync with your workouts.

3) Your girl friend dumps you after 5 years of being together. You find out she’s 3 months pregnant, with another mans child and that it has been going on for over a year. You will feel pretty sh*t at this point… and this will happen to you at some point in your life. Everyone gets their heart broken at least once. All of a sudden you find your self locked up in your room, stuffing your face with food and weeping away. All those goals you previously set…. now down the toilet.

All of the above scenarios will not play out as described if you are a no B.S bodybuilder. When you begin to slack, you will be highly self aware and make sure you get back on track.

When your girlfriend dumps you after 5 years. You won’t curl up in the corner and cry, you will have no remorse and take no B.S from your human emotions. You will plough through and let those goals you set allow you to overcome the heart ache.

When your friends are trying to persuade you to go out and get trashed, on that one special week (which just happens to be the tipping point of supreme growth after weeks of hard slog at the gym) you will shrug them off , decline their offers and plough through.

But Shaun, this all sounds all boring. Almost like a loners life. Is Shaun a loner?

No I am not a loner!

Like I mentioned in yesterdays post, it really is all about having fun for the long term (A point which a lot of workout programs out there miss) but there really is no substitute for hard work. And whether it’s P90X or some form of shock body exercise technique you picked up from here, you will have to set your goals, plan your map and make sacrifices where need be. And at times that maybe lonely.

But remember this….

What ever goal you set or body you set out o achieve, it will involve other people.

  • Gym partners
  • New associates
  • Shaun Sinclair’s (Hey, that’s me :))
  • And others

But in the end it all comes down to YOU and what YOU do!

No one else knows what’s going on in your brain other than YOU. So when things get tough like in the above scenarios, you will only have yourself to rely on. You pick yourself up out of your own bullshit, put on your no B.S hat and stand tall.

That is the definition of a no B.S Bodybuilder!

It is only then you will start to achieve what you set out to do. Now have a cup of some no B.S juice FTW.

See you in the comments.

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