Why you must find moments of serenity

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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s TGIF… And we tend to slow it down a little on this day… Whilst having some fun too.

Today… It’s movies day for me, in the cinema @ the new Mission Impossible. Which brings me into today’s topic…

Moments of serenity

There are several things that may be holding you back from becoming S-curvish…

– Being around shit*y people
– Stress (Maybe from those same people)
– Not eating S-curvishly
– Not working out correctly

But one of the things that you may be missing. Which may help fix the issue. Is finding moments of serenity.

You may have seen me post an example of this recently via FB stories. With me sitting in the business center, here in the ‘hub’ in one of the condo blocks (Everything is new here… Like a mini Singapore).

I go there at midday, every day. Because it’s empty and silent, every single time @ zero interruptions.

I also have that in…

The new cinema – It’s always occupied by under 10 people, during the day time showings. So it’s like having your own private cinema. And the actual private cinema is indeed empty at this time.

The swimming pool area – Like the business center… Empty at midday or occupied by few… Who come up, for moments of serenity.

This is arguably the #1 reason for my own improved results since 2014. Which is where ‘coming up for air’ came from.

I’ve introduced many people to this too. Busy inner city people or people with busy lives (I’m taking about drama here @ ‘busy’).

And I see the switch in them, instantly. The moment they experience these moments of serenity with me.

And those who are there in the locations. Are all on the same page. No one needs to talk @ heavy conversations with each other. Everyone is experiencing it.

Even in the gym… Silence in the afternoon hours.

All moments… Where ones head is not in front  of, or being consumed by, a digital screen.

We talk about fixing the mind, as a priority here. Since that’s the thing that will get fudged up daily, more than anything else. And is harder for us to control (121 chats are our main weapon).

And ‘coming up for air’ is what can help.

So eye up the Instagram feed for TC2.0 ideas. And be prepared to start embracing these moments as an S-curve member. Because I can assure you. It changes everything.

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