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Buzzers… Wednesday… Why you must adapt. The world changes pretty quickly. Even quicker today. Since everyone has embraced the internet. Which has always been a fast moving target, in terms of things changing.

In 2016… We had evolved the main program into stages 1-4. Which was a 2 year organic upgrade, from a $66 a month program.

It was a nice upgrade. And it showed… Via the results that it helped create.

That too has evolved in 2018. And stage 1-4 is mostly for new arrivals to @fitbuzz today. And > this page, is for established followers.

Just like the LIVE update member page

(Which used to be static).

We change things… Based on what’s going on, at any given time.

Like on Sunday. When I announced the ménage a trois variation of the S-curve formula. I explain all the details of it’s existence on > this page.

As you saw… That wasn’t planned. It all happened, due to an organic event.

But if you are a long term follower. The best advice I have for you, is to adapt to the changes that are going on in the world. And on the newsletter, in S-curve world.

In fact… Another solid reason for you to keep reading/And after becoming a member. Is so that you can stay informed, of how things are adapting out ‘ere. Since we’re involved in different industries, outside of fitness.

And because I myself, have many different interests outside of fitness.

– Like movies, gaming, TV shows, comics, music, tech…

Like what’s going on with > Buzzcoin and the S-curve member partnership program (Direct message for info) right now.

The big goal there… Is to get everyone’s engagement and happiness levels up (Income levels up… Comes as a bonus).

Amazon is evolving too


So… You see all those items on More buzz. That direct you to Amazon?

Well first… They are all needed. If you don’t already have/use them.

Second… Amazon has now given the ability to effectively list those on one page.

> Take a look

Only ‘protocol’ stuff will go on those lists.

Anything else ‘useful’ that pops up. Will end up on ‘what’s trending’ or on the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed.

One S-curve blueprint tip

It’s been a while since we’ve done these. Because every newsletter that goes out. Is speaking to new/active or ‘soon to be’ S-curve members/Future partners.

So let’s just talk about one S-curve blueprint tip… Since it’s a topic that came up on Monday, with a > new S-curve member ‘guy’ (Yup… I did say they’ve returned in recent times).

You can still do the stuff that you like to do in your daily life.

> If it’s D-F rated foods, you’ll simply eat less of it. And at different times of the day/Periods within your long term plan.

> If it’s marathons… Or 2-3 hour workout sessions. That will get cut off in the beginning stages. Because it causes shrunk butt.

> If it’s a sport that you like. That… Will continue. As long as it’s not like a 2-3 hour marathon run.

And you’ll be advised on how to merge it, into your plan. Or on how it may boost the effectiveness of your plan (Not just the physical results).

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Humpday vs workout attire

– It’s been years since I’ve spoken about these. But… > Power blocks

– > POV S-curvish biker girl moments.


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