Why you have non-removable stains from getting brains

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Buzzers… Wednesday… Why you have non-removable stains from getting brains. > Yesterday… I gave you the low down on the reality in today’s S-curve world.
It mostly highlights what you’re naturally doing, as you read these newsletters… Or how you’re interacting with stuff overall… ‘Today’.
And on this day… I’ll continue to educate you. Because the more you know. The more you’ll trust. And self validate the things that you see/want on here or around the @fitbuzz social media profiles.
Let’s get into it…
#1 Sometimes… You have to feel pain. In order to truly value certain things in life.
There are plenty of life examples out there. But in terms of becoming S-curvish @ example…
You could get all the encouragement and motivation that you’ll ever need on here. Yet… You’d only take things seriously. If ‘having had taken action earlier’… Started to affect things in your daily life.
Common example = Need surgery because of living a crappy lifestyle @ smoking, alcohol, excessive bad eating.
It’s a sad case. But it’s the reality. And that’s usually the wake up call. That causes people to become S-curve members.
So ya… Hopefully, sh*t starts going wrong for you soon, if you’re living ‘broken’.
Sounds bad. But that’s the reality.
#2 Today’s no.1-3 list… Is a blueprint tips list. There are different types of tips. Such as…
– S-curve member
– Quick fire
– Actionable
All of that, combined together. Is a lot of sh*t to consume. But it’s all necessary. Knowing it all, will make you self sufficient. And keeps you on the wagon for life.
These tips are indeed posted at random via this free newsletter.
But if you want to learn that stuff over time, without being a stage 3 type of member. Then the new > premium newsletter that’s being tested… Is the way to go.
Keywords = Easy, digestible, passive, condensed, enter your subconscious,…naturally @ non-removable stains, from injecting knowledge into your brain.
#3 Getting results > like these… Can take time. And the best way to make that process as fun as possible. Is by going at a steady pace (Lifestyle phase). The formula for being a successful long term member… Is done by several factors (That’s our job behind the scenes).
But it’s mostly done, by keeping you highly engaged. 
Which is why we have…
Buzzcoin (Via More buzz) –  @ Those who work together, stay together…
S-curve member partner program – Where you become an assistant coach, to those who you introduce to stages 1-4 via More buzz.
Which works… Because you would used the S-curve formula yourself, to be successful. Even at just 1-3 months of being a member.
To conclude
All of the above… Falls under the category of S-curve member blueprint tips. And that’s only scratching the surface, in that category (1 out of 4 categories in total)!
There’s no way I could continue on with more tips today, via this free newsletter format.
And because some of YOU have requested it. I’m now putting into motion, a form of premium newsletter. That goes out once a week.
At present… > $5 a month whilst we get that ball rolling in beta mode.
The goal is to make that a ‘protocol’ thing for you @ simple but effective.
You’ll just receive a specific newsletter that will have [Premium] tagged to the subject line in your inbox.
Note: This may also be a solution, to those of you who have fallen victim to this current ADD era. Where attention spans have dipped.
Because if that is YOU. Then this may help you get and stay fixed. Even with a shorter attention span present.
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