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I have to talk more about the lifestyle and results phases. Because a lot of new members are starting new phases right now. Some established long term members too.

And you really only know the difference between the two, once you’ve ‘felt’ the difference.

So let’s talk about ’em…

The results phaseThis is not as fun. It’s pretty intense. But we do build a strong bond. A strong foundation. And it does change your life.

It makes the lifestyle phase work better. And the only real time that you get to ‘come up for air’, from all the intensity. Is at the weekend.

You’re still active. But it’s mostly about Tailored Daily Exercise videos and nutrition focused only weekends.

Because you at least need a temporary mental break once you’re going through it. It does last for 4-8-12 weeks after all.

The lifestyle phase

We can relax, joke around, have silly moments in Messenger. And comment on the crazy stuff that I post on Facebook (The profile below… Not the @fitbuzz page).

Part of that, is how WE live life. @ Not so serious. That’s part of the reason why many members are here, 5 years later.

We just ‘get real’ and live life. Pics speak 1000 words. So take a look at my current profile pic… And the ‘shenanigans’ photo/video album to see what a lifestyle phase looks like.

That’s the phase that we’ll be on, 60-80% of the time. So we need…

– To party up
– Take travel-curvish trips (Especially the new ones from > yesterday’s newsletter)
–  Have family time
–  Time with your partner
–  Evening hang outs
–  Late night hang outs at coffee shops/cafés/lounges (Ideal in warmer climates)
–  Beach hangouts

That’s everything that is going on with all members. And I’ve been leading by example these past 3 years or so.


Just remember, that in your first month… The results phase is the foundation… For all of the future S-curve formula stuff.

You must go through that stuff in order to get to 90-100% S-curvish @ mental and physical!

But it’s OK. You can take a chill pill. Because most of it will happen at a sane pace via the lifestyle phase above.

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