Why therapy is the only factor that matters

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Buzzers… Sunny day for many…¬†Why therapy is the only factor that matters. Loads of TC2.0 shenanigans going on this weekend.

Which is > great to see @ example. It starts @ Becoming S-curvish (Not always fun). And ‘never ends’ at Travel-curvish (Always fun). That’s the meaning behind Tis the S-curve experience. And that’s what I show new people that I meet.

She can’t feel it?

Today… You should indeed, ‘deeply’ trust, who ever you decide to spend money on/with @ the solutions you’re after in your life.

Even on the old stage 3 (Old… In terms of how long it’s been around. You’ll still end up doing the stuff inside it).

Most online members didn’t jump in… Until years later, after first signing up to the newsletter.

It’s like dating. Love at first sight is rare. Usually… You have to know AND live with a person. Before true trust levels kick in.


Once those trust levels have been established. Understand… That there aren’t any ‘great’ cheap solutions out there.

Greatness often requires a lot of time and dedication to achieve. That… Gives it value.

‘Value’ in today’s world. Is usually traded in the form money. So greatness will often cost more money.

There are also different types of greatness that one wants to get out of a solution.

That’s why today… Stage 3 has evolved into seasonal, weekly or monthly program’s. Often started via tailored Paypal payment links. Because people need individual fixes for their ish.

One of the most common fixes… Is



– The S-curve workouts are simple. You just follow and do.

– Nutrition is harder… But do-able… With 121 coaching and LIVE update member page shenanigans.

– The no.1 thing people need… Is someone in their corner. Cheering them on, every other day. It’s therapy. That’s the highest value proposition when becoming a member.

I know it’s true. Because I too, seek therapy… In other areas of my life. For me…

– In love and romantic relationships

– In business relationships

Doing so… Allows me to make everything via this newsletter, work great… For YOU!


You already know.

Messenger apps is where all the magic happens today. So once you start something like > Hallow-curvish. Or whatever we set up together via Paypal.

We can then go ‘all in’.

– 24/7 chats

– Endless video and voice calls

– Even in person meet ups, if we’re in the same area

Tis the S-curve experience. Which means you, have a life. So you probably won’t do all of that. But… At least you’ll know that it’s open to you, in your subconscious mind!


What’s trending?

> ‘Salsa’

> TC2.0

> Reminder to have epic weekends

– Updates to the > Amazon page



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