Why the fudge do we need a newsletter?

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And for those who see this, as their 1st @fitbuzz post. ‘Fudge’ is our word for f*ck @ cursing without cursing.

Now… To answer the headline question.

Why the fudge do we need a newsletter?

Stayfitbug.com started 10 years ago this month. And the great thing with websites. Is that you can look back at any part of the journey.
10 years is a long time. And a lot of changes have happened since then.
Back in 2009. It was all about the email newsletter. And back then… The focus was almost entirely on the S-curve program (Even though it didn’t get that name, until years later).
So the core purpose of the email newsletter. Was educate you on a deeper level. To bond on a deeper level. Both of which… Couldn’t be done, without receiving an email.
Fast forward to 2019
That can be done via, videos, Messaging apps, LIVE video.
Yet… The goal is still the same. Which is to be able to connect with you on a deeper level. Even after using all of the above methods of communication.
And today… That happens right here, on stayfitbug.com.
What you’re reading right now, is the newsletter. It’s just delivered to you in several ways.
– Messenger apps
– Push notifications
– Social media platforms
And one core reason why you’re being sent to this website. Is because it’s where everything that we do, exists.
It’s the ONLY place you’ll ever need to go. To learn more about, whatever we talk about, on any given day.
The S-curve program
How we get down with food and supplements (S-curve formula)
The items page
The merch
The partner program
Travel-curvish 2.0
Which is of course… The NOW S-curve platform, for EVERYONE that’s involved within the S-curve Xperience.
To conclude
Today… It’s more important than ever before, to start receiving these newsletters. It’s a big noisy world out there. And this is our quiet room. Where we go over all the details @ all 4 parts of the Xperience. 
Each newsletter you receive, is us… Going on a new date together, every time you receive one.
And with every date we go on…. We learn more and more about each other. And to hopefully, marry you, with whatever your goal is, during your time here.
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