Why Rowing Should Be In Your Workout Routine

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The most popular forms of cardio are generally running and cycling. Running in particular is a favourite of fitness beginners, intermediates and superstars, yet it is high-impact, can lead to injuries and doesn’t necessarily build a great deal of strength. This is not to bash running – indeed, it is quite rightfully a staple – yet people should consider ways to diversify their cardio: one of the best ways to do this is by hopping on a rowing machine.

One of the primary benefits of rowing is that it contributes to muscle tone. Without putting any great impact on the body it will work your legs, hips and buttocks in a repetitive, strenuous manner. Rowing essentially gives you hundreds or reps on all of these muscles, all the while giving you a cardio workout that’s equivalent to running or cycling. Indeed, rowing is one of the best full body workouts around, and it’s bested only by swimming in this respect.

Rowing is also an excellent exercise for people who want to lose weight (as most of us do). Working out vigorously on a rowing machine will burn around 500 calories in 60 minutes – that’s not too shabby for an hour’s work. The best way to consistently lose weight is low intensity cardio, yet this is a nice way to mix things up and put in a high intensity workout.

Exercise needs to be interesting and engaging, otherwise we find ourselves losing interest and drifting away from the gym and back to the sofa. For this reason alone its worth trying out rowing as its fun, and a bit different than an hour on the treadmill. Many people get stuck in the same old work-out routines that have been passed on by personal trainers –don’t let yourself get bored, and use new exercise to keep things interesting.

Exercise, just like life, is all about trying new things: make sure you try rowing.

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