Why it is not a good idea to starve for weight loss

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The diets that are making you hungry or, even worse, dizzy because you didn’t have enough food during a day, should be avoided at all costs. While it is true that you can lose weight with such diets, because the body will tap into its fat reserves in order to sustain the body’s need of energy, on long term they can have disastrous results. First of all, as soon as you will be of such a diet, you will gain back all the weight you lost, even more. This is due to the fact that you will eat more, craving the food your body was deprived of for so long. Besides this, starvation triggers nutrients lack, which can lead to poor muscular mass, a bad immune system, and a wide range of health problems. It is okay that you want to lose weight. Just find a healthy diet that you can follow on a long term.

  • Everything you eat will be stored as fat

Because food is scarce, at least this is how your body sees the diet, it will store every calorie you eat as fat. This way, the organism is making sure that it will make sufficient reserves to face the bad times ahead. In other words, the body will sense that it is not receiving enough nutrients, so it will enter an emergency state that will preserve any kind of form of energy so you can make it through the day in the best way possible. So, eating very little and trying to work out as much as you can won’t deliver the expected results. You will just put more stress on your body and drive yourself toward exhaustion.

  • It will be easier to cheat and make food excesses

When you feel hungry all the time, it will be very hard to focus on anything else but food. This is why most people fail at losing weight, eventually feeling sick and tired of having a troubled and empty stomach all the time and starting to eat more than they should. Even if you think that you’re going to take just one bite, it is very easy to do an excess when your body doesn’t receive food in sufficient amount and with regularity. Thus, such diets will rarely help you achieve the desired results.

  • Your body needs nutrients on a daily basis

Your body needs high-quality food on a daily basis and in adequate portions. It requires a wide range of nutrients to unroll its processes and stay healthy. Don’t worry, as there are ways to eat sufficiently and still lose weight. In fact, if you eat the right kind of foods, you will get rid of excess weight and develop a lean body. But, if you want to have lean muscles, you also need to remember that you need nutrients to help you gain mass. If you don’t provide nutrients for your body, it will begin consuming its own muscles, once the fat reserves are depleted. Not to mention that you won’t be able to work out properly when you are not fed correctly. Thus, the result will be a way too skinny body and the risk to develop eating disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and other, more severe, health problems.

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