Why Do We Need Protein?

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The benefits of protein powder are well documented. Protein can mitigate the loss of collagen as we age, making our skin appear more vibrant and youthful. It is also the best source of energy, as it does not have the ups and downs associated with sugar. This leaves you feeling fuller longer, an important consideration for anyone trying to lose weight. Furthermore, protein assists the body in regulating fluid levels, serving an important role in the maintenance of the nervous and immune systems. Finally, protein has been linked to healthy bones and joints.

Protein is also beneficial when taken before a workout. Not only does protein help the body naturally repair muscle tissue, it also contains essential amino acids that help the body naturally build lean muscle mass. In addition, protein supplements have been shown to improve muscle performance and blood flow throughout the body, allowing for more rigorous workout regimens than would be possible without it.

A protein supplement is, therefore, a vital component of any healthy diet or effective workout regimen, but finding a product you can trust can be more challenging than it should be. Many fill their formulas with synthetic fillers that you should not even try to pronounce, let alone put into your body. Others incorporate ingredients compromised by harmful chemicals as they are sourced, reducing their effectiveness. Still, others pack their powder with so much sugar that it becomes indistinguishable from candy. The resulting sugar high might help you get through one workout, but the subsequent crash will prevent you from establishing any sort of exercise routine.

Wheelhouse Nutrition products are different. Their all-natural whey protein powder supplements have none of the synthetic garbage hindering many of the other products on the market, allowing users to experience far better results. Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powders are also non-GMO, RBGH-free, gluten-free, hormone-free, and free of fillers that serve no purpose save taking up space. The company was founded on the principle that putting good things into your body is a prerequisite to getting good things out of it, so you can trust them to provide only the highest quality, purest ingredients in their supplements. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to power through your day with the right supplement helping you out!

Other products may incorporate all-natural formulas, but the way they are sourced may hinder their effectiveness. For example, did you know that cows fed using their natural diet of grass naturally produce milk with more Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) than those fed with grain? It’s not even particularly close, as grass diets produced as much as five times as much Omega 3s and CLAs than those fed on grain in a recent study. Many dairy farms use grain anyway, however, resulting in less nutritious milk that ultimately becomes less effective whey in your protein supplement. Wheelhouse Nutrition exclusively uses grass-fed cows to manufacture its products, ensuring that the all-natural whey is at peak potency in all of their products.

Wheelhouse Nutrition draws its whey from New Zealand, home of the most advanced dairy farms in the world. Strict government regulations ensure that the cows have free range to roam around, producing a more effective milk. Dairy products originating in New Zealand are also free of the chemical residues, growth hormones, and antibiotics frequently found in those produced in other nations. It may seem odd, but whey protein is at its best when sourced from New Zealand.

Wheelhouse Nutrition protein does not have any sugar in its formulation, so there is no need to worry about a crash a few hours after using the product. The company offers its product in two flavors, a vanilla flavored exclusively with natural vanilla and a chocolate rooted in organic cocoa bean powder. Both flavors taste great even without sugar, making it easy to use daily or before every workout.

The easiest way to order Wheelhouse Nutrition’s all-natural grass-fed whey protein powder supplement is to log onto the company’s website, www.WheelhouseNutrition.com. One package of either flavor is just $50, making it an affordable way to jump start your diet or exercise routine.

Protein is necessary for many of the body’s systems and building muscle mass, but many of us do not get enough from diet alone. Protein supplements are commonly plagued by issues such as artificial additives and chemical sweeteners, but the right one can significantly improve your quality of life. Order Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powder today to experience the benefits for yourself.

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