Who took the picture though?

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Depending on what’s going on in your life right now… That headline, is indeed a question, that may catch you out. If … You’re taking certain pictures of yourself (Or pictures getting taken of you), in certain situations.

Elephant in the room (Example) =

The people in your life – ”Hey… We don’t remember you having a ‘life’ partner? So who took the pic?”

When it appears to be a new collections pictures, of ‘just’ you.

That’s the vibe in the online world right now @ people calling out BS or shady behaviour. Regardless of the situation.

All of which… Can never affect you, if you’re living your truth.

That’s why we started to post all of our shenanigans LIVE, over the past few years.


– ‘You know’ which FitBuzzers I personally spend time with, in person.

– You know that I’m close with many different people, globally. Offline and online. And I even introduce all of them to you via this newsletter (Yup… I make ’em quarter-famous. Hehe).

– You know where my ‘hub’ location is. And what my daily routine looks like.

– You know what my own S-curve formula shenanigans are.

To conclude

Continue to watch how we play, everyday on here. Because it continues to be a case of hello ‘real’/goodbye ‘fake’.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– Burning man – You can reply and tell me if you’ve ever been to it. If you don’t know what it is. Take a look at > this pic. And then YouTube it.

But it’s trending… Because it’s a super ‘come up for air’ event. Which happens one month from now… Every year at this time of the year.

– Become an > S-curvish gamer?

– There shouldn’t be… But there will probably always be… A > moment like this.

– > This kind of underwear – You’ll see it throughout the Pinterest feed. But… YOU will probably wear them ‘indoors’. Hehe.

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