Where the S-curvish gamer girl goes to ‘play’ (Part 3)

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Enter: The theme park
Let’s go to Disney land.
Which was a highlight this year, via associate/peer @eujessicadourado
Of course… This is all about a playground full of games. ALL kinds.
More than you’ll see in any other place, all in one place.
It’s taking the previous two posts… And going way more fun than the norm, with both.
For example…
Virtual reality gaming has been on the rise in recent years. With the Oculus and Sony making waves in that arena.
That is a great next step for the gamer.
But still… It’s in doors. And these posts are about going outdoors to play. And where to go to do that.

Better than VR?

Yup… More rides and games like that in the future for sure.
And instead of playing and getting thrills from casino games. You’re getting that, from the physical kiosk type of games.
Where you have to shoot and aim physical items at targets.
As you can see… It’s all more fun than the norm.
And in these 3 posts… We’ll continue to add interesting experiences via…
– The arcade
– The theme park
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