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Buzzers… Sunday…

It was a fanatic day of World Cup shenanigans yesterday.

Even if you dislike the sport. You’re naturally going to catch wind of what’s going on. Due to the worldwide dominance that the sport has.

But before we RECAPO and get ready for a new week. Let me dig into one aspect of the final 16 teams that play in the tournament.

Because it relates to the Results Phase here in S-curve world, in regards to becoming S-curvish.

The final 16

The earlier group matches in the tournament are like a Lifestyle Phase. The teams can play. With the intention of winning. But if they lose. They get a couple of 2nd chances to fix the loss.

But once they enter the final stages. It’s either win or lose. There are no 2nd chances.

That’s what a 4-6 week Results Phase is like.

You pay a higher price @ $300. And because of that… You have to commit. Because for most. That’s money that one can’t afford to lose out on.

And for 4-6 weeks. You go at it… Hard.

The outcome is almost always a victorious one.

And the best part about going through it. Is that you would have now felt every single thing you will possibly ever feel, whilst active on your S-curve member page regime.

Which means things will only become easier, as you progress.

Just watch any one of the remaining matches over the next 2 weeks. That… Is what a Results Phase is like. Especially the part when they win at the end.

> RECAPO time

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– Preparing you for the future. And how that actually gets done.


– The best exercises for triggering results, on the most desired body parts.

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