What’s on your S-curvish mind? (Q & A September 2019)

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Because S-curve #workout #fashion is a 'thing' @josineves
Because S-curve #workout #fashion is a ‘thing’ @josineves… @ YOU snap yourself every 4-6 weeks #scurveformula
Right now… We are heavy in conversation mode, with a variety of you guys/gals, that we’ve met and connected with over the years.
These conversations create the back bone of our existence. Since the topics, problems and solutions, are all discussed LIVE and in the moment.
So today… Simply reply to ask us anything. ANYTHING.
– Via the comments section below.
– Via the blue Messenger button on this page
Because what we talk about… Will end up in the newsletters. Which in turn… Helps everyone else.
Which in turn… Creates a better S-curve Xperience for all of us!
For those of you who simply want to embrace some fresh S-curve Xperience stuff for the day…
For you…
#1 Check out the new additions to the items update page, I’m personally loving all of these new ‘finds’. And will continue to add more. Because if these items are making our Xperience more awesome. Then it’ll be the same for you too.
Here’s a fave…
This 10000mAh Power Bank!
This 10000mAh Power Bank!
#2 The latest Youtube vid. And read those fudging descriptions (Fudge is our word for f**k, as we don’t swear around ‘ere)…
#3 We’ve been going on a tear recently. In regards to the epic-ish newsletters that you’ve been receiving in your inbox and notifications. So on this day… It’s a good time to pause for a moment and soak in what you see, read and hear there. All present via the > archives.
And of course… Ask questions about what you learn there too.
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