What’s hot in S-curve world right now?

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Buzzers… Saturday…

As usual… The newsletter documents the events that happen the day before. So let’s get into it…

What’s hot in S-curve world right now?

Supplements (And vitamins)

They’re selling…

On our protocol list (All of which you’ll find on More buzz)

– Whey & Casein
– Lean bean, > Instant knockout and Testofuel
– Another one is being added… But a lot of testing is happening behind the scenes, before it gets officially added to this list.

I mentioned it back in March. And it is quite relevant @ use cases within the S-curve experience.

And they’re selling on Amazon


– Biotin
– > Probiotics

Why are they selling though?

Well… We all know that 80% of what you need, is available to you via the S-curve meal structure/Official foods list (Seriously… Use that list if you’re a member. I use it every week).

But the right supplements, with the right nutrient make up. Will indeed…

– Push for faster results.
– Help you get to 90-100% S-curvish, quicker. Since it takes a while @ naturally doing so.

So… Supplements get bought.

Also… They give the feeling of extra reassurance.


– You’ll have your 121 coaching sessions to rely on.
– Some other good people in your life.
– And then… You have your trusted supplements, minerals and ointments.

Which isn’t BS either. Because if you’ve been following my own FB stories. You’ll see that > this has been one of my ‘go to’ tools for keeping my face (And certain body parts) fresh and funky (That was taken from this weeks FB stories).

Seriously… I don’t go anywhere without it.

– No more spots, rashes, fungus patches… Nothing.

And it’s all because of the ingredients. Which is of course the no.1 rule to use… When buying food or supplements.

Which is… If the ingredients match the S-curve meal structure set up. You buy and try.

So… The protocol supplements list is easy for me to mention to you. Because we use them every day @ offline and online members. The s*** just works.But if you’re going to dig around on Amazon and get other stuff. Do so.


– Read all reviews
– Use the S-curve meal structure rules (As seen on More buzz) to guide you.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > ‘Skin’ stuff – Looks like you’re making everything else on your body 90-100% S-curvish too.

– > World Cup + Slow motion.

– Still > rage on the road vibes.

It’s a simple weekend of World Cup shenanigans and planning for July, for me. So in the 121 chats is where I’ll be. And of course… A conversation to be started… From viewing the FB stories.


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