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Soooo.. It’s a Sunday. We’ve kick started the 2nd half of the year. And for many… That means loads of Travel-curvish + 2.0 trips to be taken. As per protocol S-curve formula timeline. And recommended.
This also means that folks have had to to sit back, relax and reflect, on where their life is currently heading.
What’s working. What’s not. 
Even for us. We’ve taken a break from meeting 1-5 people daily.
Reflecting on and building on some of those relationships.
And so… That has lead us to creating today’s newsletter topic.
To discuss what’s going on in each of the main parts of the S-curve Xperience.
Let’s get into it.
In order from hottest to least hottest

The S-curve partner program

I, Shaun Sinclair… Started the S-curve program back in 2012.
It of course, evolved NANY different times, during that time.
I of course, have a super solid memory. So let’s look back at some of the iterations that took place.
2012/13 – Operation S-curve ebook bundle

2014 – $66 a month program. Which helped keep members for accountable. Which lead to improved results.
2014/15 – All ebook programs converted into video programs. Which we still use with today’s members.
2016 – Introduction of the LIVE update member page. Which looks like > this.
Because going LIVE, kept all members super engaged.
But more importantly… Members could instantly report back what worked/didn’t work. In regards to workout and nutrition shenanigans.
2018 – The S-curve formula is established.
In short… It can be given to anyone to use. And for qualified individuals to offer to people, as a solution to their less-curvish problems.
Enter July 2019 – For most of this year… I’ve been lining up S-curve member partners.
These are individuals who tend to be business minded folks. Who may have friends, colleagues, associates in their network, who may benefit from becoming an S-curve member.
This mostly happens locally, to wherever I AM, in person. Which then translates to online communication.
Of course… This happens online too (first). But usually when a follower becomes a successful S-curve member. At which point, their people tend to naturally get involved. Due to noticing the visible results of that member.
Some of those partners may even begin teaching the S-curve formula to others, once they’re qualified enough.
But the main goal of the partner program, is to build great relationships and experiences. Via ‘In the city’ and Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Aka living the S-curve Xperience.
The memories that are created here, do NOT fade away in a hurry. And people naturally talk about the things that bring happiness into their lives.
It’s all about building a foundation, where everyone involved, is on the same page.
Like… Where everyone knows…
– That you can reach 60% S-curvish within 3 months and start eating whatever the fudge you want.
– That we focus on ‘soft lean’… Not encouraging the buying of fake body parts.
– That we focus on taking TC2.0 trips for 2-4 days, that are 2-4 hours away from home, every 4-6 weeks
And of course… There are commissions involved here for S-curve member partners. With the goal to spend those earnings with those who become S-curve members.
And since we’re on the topic of earning an income within S-curve world. Let’s dig into another hot area. Which stated would heat up, in 2019… Back in December 2018!
And if you was interested and/or listened. You would have benefit from the most recent heat in that area. Which is of course,


I’ve re-highlight the reasons why this has become a part of the Xperience, in recent newsletters like > this one.
And aside from the short/long term earning/income side of things. And aside from the blockchain/Cryptocurrency industry, improving current parts of the S-curve Xperience in the not so distant future.
One the benefits of doing so… In relation to how we live here. Is the fact that you can earn THAT income, from anywhere in the world.
Along with the growing options of outlets that we have, to receive those earnings. Regardless of where you are in the world.
Which = 
– More time
– More freedom
Both of which… Are what is holding people back, from Becoming new S-curve members.
If that is YOU right now. The no.1 thing you can focus on. That requires almost no extra time (Just a restructure of your time). Is…

The food and supplements shenanigans

This has been a hotter area.. Than even the main S-curve program (At least online… Globally).
And as of this year… We put together our comprehensive guide (That we’ve been building since day one). On how you should approach eating and taking supplements. When the goal is to look like this…
'Coming up for air' #swimsuit-curvishly in #Zákynthos
‘Coming up for air’ #swimsuit-curvishly in #Zákynthos
@ ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish
Not much else needs to be said at this point. Just consume that page. And continue to keep on consuming it.
You WILL  continue to win!

Travel-curvish 2.0

There’s isn’t much to update on this at present. But it’s hotter than ever.
It’s the area of the S-curve Xperience, that gets you to move off ya ass… More than any other area here.
And continues to do so, the more trips you take.
And if money is an issue in your life @ how will you pay for all those trips. Then scroll back up above @ the S-curve member partner program and Buzzcoin.
Because there’s nothing worse, than enjoying the S-curve Xperience via social media. And not being able to join in, due to lack of time and/or money.
The one thing I will say. Is to keep an eye on the social media feeds, to bookmark possible destinations that you can visit.

The items page

You’ll end up buying your own items, most of the time. Which is OK. Because you would most likely scan a lot of reviews and options, before doing so.
What’s important to us… Is that we guide you to certain types of items. That will be used within the S-curve Xperience. For a more enjoyable Xperience.

To conclude

Don’t ever be shy. Message via this Messenger (Blue button on the right) to talk about what’s on your mind, when you get these messages.
Because what we talk about, ends up as newsletter content and solutions, that benefit everyone that’s involved here.

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